(MOD POST) Happy 25th Birthday, Eunhyuk! Happy Easter, too~!

It’s past 12 midnight in Korean time… So I just want to greet our precious SPICED GOATMONKEYANCHOVY JEWEL GUY WITH FLAMING CHARISMA LEE HYUKJAE, better known as EUNHYUK a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Who would forget…

“I’m Long.”

“Who are you?”

“Nice Weather!”

Yes, Eunhyuk!


Saengil Chukha Hamnida… Woot Woot. Saengil Chukha Hamnida! Saranghaeyo dear Hyukie… Saengil Chukha Hamnida. HAPPINESS!

What’s happening to me? I’m having a sugar rush without eating sugar. SO HYPER. Maybe because of your sweetness, Eunhyuk, that’s why I fell like this. Ah, come on, CHEESY.

24 years of living (25 in Korea)… Goodgood! You have reached the one-fourth age of living. How are you?

Well anyway… Lee Hyukjae… Eunhyuk. To whom will I write a message first? Ah. Eunhyukkie, first.

I have known Eunhyuk for almost two years now, but believe it or not, I didn’t mind him. So what if you existed? There were other guys beside you. And they were cooler and nicer and…

I really didn’t like Eunhyuk. He seemed like so… naughty and carefree. I didn’t like him. BEFORE.

Not until I’ve seen your true personality as a DJ, as a entertainer, as a rapper, as a singer and as a dancer. Everything turned from bad to good. I paid attention to him. I’ve seen his innocence, his perseverance to be successful and to look good in front of other people. Just then, I was really guilty not to notice you at first. I’ve seen a real showcase of talents, that’s why I couldn’t find reasons why people like you.

As an entertainer, I saw more of his quieter side than with his louder side. I didn’t know why, but I think you are not naturally a talker. You were born to be quiet. But you never failed us to show that you can do what your elders do. You crossed your limitations in a good way and look at you now.

As a performer, not that I’m biased but you are the best in rapping and dancing. I didn’t like people who rap, but when you rap and dance, the stage becomes so intense and fiery hot. You know why I fell in love with you? You were the first person who made my heart jump whenever I see you dancing. I can’t explain how you manage to make the stage hot and the fan girls scream on top of their lungs. But you are really amazing. And when you sing, the usual singing, not the rapping, I get excited because I always see that you are improving, I don’t see the same old Eunhyuk singing She’s Gone and all that. You changed, and that’s a good idea.

As a DJ. A sweet one. Whenever I’m listening to SUKIRA and as I watch you… I feel like it’s just too good to be in Leeteuk’s place right now.  Caring dongsaeng… and a professional DJ. Okay I’m not praising him too much, right? He just deserves it. Your voice when you are talking is so… sweet, making me fall asleep in middle of studying. Haha. But don’t worry… it’s not your fault… it’s mine~ Whenever you dance with your guests and feel comfortable, I feel like it as well.

For Eunhyuk whom I like, I know you can do it and you are doing it so that you can be what you want to be. I know that you are doing your best in everything you do because you want to give your fans a reason to love you even more. That’s not what you should think. IIf we really love you, there is no reason to prove it to you. AND don’t force yourself. You have another character inside, as Lee Hyukjae, right?

Lee Hyukjae. The cleanest~! Hehe. The person I didn’t know personally. But in camera, he is the person who always shed a tear. An easy-crier. That’s not a bad idea. Being emotional is good because that means you are healthy inside. Your heart is full of happiness and grief, but who cares. It’s better than someone who doesn’t have emotion at all because they don’t care about what others feel. Unlike you who always feel that you have something to do for others, especially to your parents, family, friends and members.

You know what? Hyukjae is someone I can’t predict. He is locked inside Eunhyuk who is always showing his good side. It’s better to show your weak side too, you know? Because it takes a lot of courage to show you are weak. But I don’t say you have to be weak.

It’s also not wrong to show the Hyukjae who others love as well.

What the heck, I’m keeping this long. Message:

Happy birthday! Wish you happiness. I may not have the powers to make you feel happy as always as possible, but I assure you, I’ll be with you and with all you guys forever, through hard times and good times. I will always keep my faith to you. And many more birthdays to come! Stay healthy and pray always!

I love you and we all love you, right? Right?

Aish, I’ll stop now… It will be awkward if I continue this message like a mother. Haha.

Good day, my SPICE. Have a blessed and wonderful birthday!

Saengil Chukha Hamnida, EunHYUKJAE~



Happy Easter everyone! Yey. Jesus has risen frm the dead and He surpassed evil! Yehey~!


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