(RP-94) Holy Week and Two Weeks More

It’s Holy Wednesday. The passion of Christ is very near. We commemorate the passion, the death and resurrection of Jesus to save us from sins.

We are going to Baguio for two days. Honestly, I hate and love it at the same time. First, I’m going to tell why I love it. It’s my second time to go there and I like to spend my ‘pre-vacation’ with my family. I’m also going to have a time for myself to unwind and reflect. On the other hand, I hate it because I have so many things to do, school works, tests, etc. The real vacation is fast approaching… Only two weeks… though I don’t think I can have my vacation. And next week, I will dedicate my whole Saturday to the upcoming concert of Super Junior! Aw. LOL at me. Yehey! But don’t wory, I have my schedule prepared for m tasks to do. One more thing, I hate it because instead of reflecting for Jesus’ love for us, we spend it for our own enjoyment. Where is the true meaning of this week? But I believe that we are going to Grotto tomorrow to have a mass. So, it’s okay… I’ll just have my own abstaining.

And yehey, Super Junior’s concert is fast approaching! Yehey! Only, uhm, 10 days to go! šŸ˜€

I had a fever yesterday… first time this year… argh. Cold! I drank three different medicine yesterday. Good thing I’m okay now.

Two weeks to go, andf I’ll never see them again…

Okay, I’ll pack my things now. See you later!


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