(RP-93) Several Instances

LOL. This is really worth blogging. You know, KARA is one of my favorite girl group. And Lupin is one of my current LSS as of now. And besides, I really like Hara. She’s so cool doing that signature move, flipping of hair… which was done by Eunhyuk. 😀 They are really cute dancing together… Heehee… And even though Leeteuk is not standing, he is still dancing cutely. Oh, and speaking of Leeteuk, has he recovered already? He looked so thin and so pale. 😦 Wonder if he’s okay.

Nevertheless, enjoy~!

credit: KpopisFun2@youtube


I am hooked to girl groups now. Haha. I don’t know why.. SJ and 2AM are my fave bands. 😀
Aside from Lupin, I Go Crazy Because of You, Oh and Run Devil Run have become my favorite dance songs. We always dance them… whenever there is no one in our classroom. And speaking of dance, we are going to perform tomorrow! Dance for our culminating activity… Pray that it will be successful!


It’s my first time to cut classes out of my will. Aargh. We cut classes to interview someone for our project. So, I had no choice. Although the interview didn’t push through, I had fun still, because I saw SuJu’s billboard. it’s huge! I even took a picture of it 😀 I’m happy. The first class was cut, but the lab was not, so… 😦

Philippines experienced a strong earthquake this afternoon, I hope you are all safe and okay. I didn’t feel it, because we were riding a taxi when it happened. But when the ground quaked in the morning, I felt it, because te basketball ring was movin back and forth. I don’t know if it really quaked… but anyway, just be safe.. everyone.




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