(RP-92) Mixed

The left part of my stomach (I think, more on the kidney part) is really aching so badly… It’s the first time since my birth. And because we have an accounting test tomorrow, I can’t concentrate in studying. It’s aching that I can’t move… but still I manage to write here. Arrgh. I really like this day. First thing, our report is successful, though my professor said that we never failed to disappoint him, well, he’s just joking… OR NOT?!

In our class, All I Ask Of You of Phantom of the Opera was played… and guess what? With crucifixion and penitence. Despite of that, I felt giddy because it was my favorite song and I remembered someone with that song. And now that I found my Raoul. LOL.

You know what? I immediately fall in love with people who is good in singing and who looks handsome. But that’s not the point.

Okay, I’ll just study now.

Teukie, PLEASE GET WELL SOON… I mean let us get well soon… Haha… Are we connected? If we’re not, WHY ARE WE FEELING THE SAME THING EVERYTIME…? T_T

Angels are immortal ♥

Goodnight. Sweetdreams! I just had yesterday, 3-in-1, Leeteuk, who just stared at me blankly in my dream then went away. Kyuhyun who did the same thing except that he didn’t want me to see him looking at me, and my real life SPICE who was wearing yellow.

Okay.. I’m talking so much. I should rest now.


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