(RP-90) Stop It. Please.

I just enrolled for the first term next school year, but didn’t follow the same schedule we planned. I ran out of spots for our preferred time. Anyway, still, I’m happy that I filled up all my mod subjects. But, I’m still wondering if I can pass my accounting subject this term or take it over summer again. I don’t want to quit accounting. It’s for me, I know that. And, it has to give up on me first.


I felt guilty. Why? I thought I am the one who is causing you a lot of pain. A lot of regrets and everything. Please, stop it please. I don’t want to make myself important to you, because I know you think of all of the people supporting you as equally important.

If ever, other things or people cause you to crack up with pressure, I still want to help you. Okay? I’m your friend. Trust me, I am. If we cannot be what I wanted us to be, so let it be. Friends?

Cry if you want to cry. Don’t force yourself to laugh. Please. Everytime I see you hide your true emotions, I feel so guilty. And of course, I wanted to help you up to my extent. I want to make you feel you’re one of the most important people in my life.

That’s why, I’m really happy if I see you show what you feel, whether it’s positive or negative, because I know it’s good for a person to feel so much emotions.

So please, please stop breaking your heart. Form it again. Make it alive again. See you.


Last post for tonight. Goodnight everyone.


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