(RP-88) At Last~!

I have a ticket now for Super Show 2 in Manila! Yehey! After that long long months of saving money and convincing my parents… Oh yeah… I got it now.

I bought SVIP Standing Left. Aww. My parents was shocked when they knew I am going to stand only. They were like, “What?! You reserved ticket for almost 8000 pesos if you are going to stand?”

I said, “Yeah, don’t worry, I’m wearing rubber shoes.”

Didn’t get it? I’ll explain XD

What I meant was, if anything happens *knock on the wood three times* I can run as fast as I can. Haha.

Then I add later, “And if I got tired of standing, I think I’ll go near the stage and sit down there.”

And I really wanted to add next:

“Don’t worry, mom, dad. Someone will surely carry me.” <- So imaginative. LOL. He will carry me… I’m sure. Oh God, You will right? Oh, joking. I’m not talking about God. BUT SERIOUSLY XD.

Anyway… I’m so happy. I thought I could not buy ticket because of some restrictions. But anyhow…

I am also shy to go to school tomorrow because of what I did last time. I think he will be harsh on us because of what we did. But I can overcome it. Besides, I’m happier~!

Next stop: to get my school’s literary folio and to save money for my gifts to… L, K, and E.

Watch out for my surprise~! Okay.

Time to be back to my business. Fighting.



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