(RP-86) Watch Out For Us

Okay. This day has been so good for me, opposite what happened yesterday. I was INSPIRED WITH THIS DIARY ENTRY:

2010.03.11 03:59

..Our beloved ELF..

..How have you been ?..



..Asia..and Europe..all over the world…

..Our truly beloved ELF who cheer for Leeteuk and Super Junior..

..I’m always grateful..and will always be grateful…

..Time has past quite fast, rite ?..Teukie Teukie~~~Although I have been in this Leeteukie name since debut but really..

..it’s still just like yesterday..it seems that people can carry on living so well by just “eating” memories..

..Recently do you know that I long for it very much ?..I miss it very much..

..Going on the Asia tour and watching the TV..I really miss the stage…

..For my future I am and will do my best in entertainment and DJ and MC..

..Please wait for a little longer..I will comeback more handsome…more handsome..

..Together with us let’s make it (next comeback) cool~~er than “Sorry Sorry”

..Got it ?..I miss you..!!Aja!! Super Junior…ELF… fighting!!!

Source: 박정수의 미니홈피
Translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

When I read Leeteuk’s diary entry, I was like: WOW. Philippines is included! Ayee! I’m really excited for their concert here in the Philippines. Hot issues about Super Junior are published in daily newspapers, MANILA BULLETIN AND PHILIPPINE STAR. These two are the biggest newspaper company. And along somewhere in Kamuning, there is a big Super Junior billboard. Yehey! I’m really wanting to go there, but schedule restricts me.

Oh, and I’m really excited for their comeback. COOL~ER than Sorry Sorry, eh? MORE HANDSOME – you’re the most handsome humangel (MIXED HUMAN ANGEL) on Earth. I’ll just collapse if I see you more handsome… I think he will shine… really, LITERALLY. Or I’ll be like Sunako Nakahara* of Yamato Nadeshiko**. I can’t wait for your surprise for the 4JIB. Woo. I’m excited also for his career. AND MISS YOU TOO~!

AND PLEASE ANTICIPATE TO OUR SURPRISE and MY SOLE SURPRISE (yuck what a term) for you and everyone. I hope you’ll like it. I know you will 😀


* A Japanese anime character that nosebleeds whenever she sees handsome and beautiful people. She likes to live in the dark and love horror things. She is an unlikely lady. I can remember, I compared her to Sungmin when he dressed up like a ghost in OPPA BAND.

** Yamato Nadeshiko is a romantic-comedy anime series (now a live action) that tells about the story of a girl named Sunako Nakahara. She is the niece of a wealthy woman who make 4 boys (Kyohei, Takenaga, Yuki, Ranmaru) live in her mansion for a mission – to make Sunako a full-grown woman.


OH YEAH. Eunhyuk and ‘SPICE’ wore the same color of clothes today. I’m so happy.

YEY! While typing, I heard T-Ara’s I Go Crazy Because of You in SUKIRA. YEHEY!

And… I forgot… then I know: “It seems it was only yesterday…” COSMO OF FAIRLY ODDPARENTS.


NIGHTY~! Gotta sleep~!


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