(RP-83) This Made my Day~!

I just got home from school. We had a test from 6pm to 9pm. What’s up with that? But if it’s accounting, I could not complain more. I love it too much, that it hurts. 🙂

But anyway, after three days of hiatus because of midterm exams, at last, I can post something now. Although I’ll still not be posting news and stuff, I will take my chance to write everything I feel now.

Inspired by a sweet smile, I thought I would do better!

In our test a while ago, I got a big problem – my ruler was missing! It just disappeared like a bubble. I was really problematic and I can’t concentrate. I was using it then after a while it’s gone. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t see it. My prof even approached me, but he didn’t ask why I was looking around. I wasn’t cheating. I just could not concentrate because I needed my ruler badly much… Gah… I had to do it manually, line something with no use of ruler. Arrgh. Then after the test, I just saw it on my xray’s envelope. How did it get there?! Argh. I’m afraid I’ll have to get a minus for that. 😦 Nevertheless, I’m happy that I made it until the end of the time.


I saw the moon… and it’s kinda orange. A BIG ONE! Seriously… My heart beat just… boom… I was nervous. I thought it was… uhm… unusual. Of course it’s unusual!


I just… saw this clip. This is a promotional video for Super Show 2 in Manila. Woah. I smiled widely as I heard Teukie said, “Ma~buhay, Philippines! We are Syupeo Junieo!” And they danced! Eunhyuk said, “Rata, Rata, Araneta!” It became SJ’s fans’ status message in facebook all of a sudden. Woo! This is a great gift~!

credits: SuperJuniorELFs


I missed Eunhyukkie. I’m happy that he came back! But he must better rest still. He sneezed! I remembered… AAACHIIIINNNG is doing AAACHOO! Alam na 😀

credits: SuperTing18


I really liked this clip as well. Both of my biases are wearing white! And they were so sweet~!

credits: 6Minniemink


There, gotta rest! BUT BEFORE THAT…



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