(RP-80) Eye and Ear Candy

Woo. I just watched American Idol Season 9, and I was very pleased! Simon Cowell looked good in white *dreamy*. I was literally screaming when I saw him winking. And even stating his comments to the contestants. Also… I saw CASEY JAMES! I totally wanted to support him until the end. I’m really sure that I wanted him to win – good looks and good voice! What else? He wore white also and he let his long hair untied! Gosh. He’s my ultimate crush in AI9, and of course Simon. Haha.

Casey sang Heaven by Bryan Adams! One of my most listened songs. It suited Casey. I mean he was like an angel in his get up today (Oh, I forgot… there is only one angel in my heart… Leeteukie). I’m really happy that the judges liked his performance. Wooh. I couldn’t count how many times I spazzed today. Whenever Simon and Casey was being featured in the screen.

The judges gave him good comments and jokes. Hehe.

Simon said that they both have good looks! (I can’t remember the exact words). <– That is so true!

I knew someone who really liked white. Yeah, Leeteuk of Super Junior. He’s my ultimate love in SuJu. Hehe. Just… uhm… telling. Heehee.


Awkward. It was really awkward today for me and… *toot*.

That’s all thank you.

Night night~!

One week to go.


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