(MOD POST) Happy 3rd Anniversary Super Junior T!

Oh gosh. I’m a failure. LOL

I didn’t know that it’s their anniversary. Arrgh. Fail me. Fail me.

But anyways… These guys are behind Rokkugo, Chotcha and First Express~! These are the songs I had loved… Trot. I’m not into it before, but because of Heechul, the King of Trot (LOL), I liked trot songs.

Gosh. Three years of total entertainment from these lovely boys.

I got to like their songs when I started to watch Rokkugo MV. I kept on laughing on Hyuk and Shindong. And Heechul’s crossdressing as a girl – he was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Kangin was so handsome there too. Sungmin – cute as always – aegyo, smiling eyes when singing. And Leeteuk! How can I forget him? He looked so cool and handsome in this MV. His dimple attracted me… Wah. Full of charisma~

They’re not only known for their looks, but also for their songs… Gosh… Whenever they perform, I enjoy their singing and having fun on stage.

For me, Rokkugo is their well-known song. Not only because of the MV but also because of the song itself. It was my first time to know that a song entitled ‘Backwards’ can really go backwards.

With this… I greet you… Happy Anniversary! Continue to perform happily as ever, okay?


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