(RP-79) My Illness Strikes Again

Wow, aside from a sickness called ‘laziness’, my other sickness, that was gone for a long time, strikes again.

I went down the stairs and noticed that there is something dropping from my nose. And when I got a cloth and wiped my nose, I saw a red, sticky stains. Yes. Blood. I nosebled.

It has been a while since my nose stopped bleeding. About half a year maybe, or more. It has been my sickness since grade school. The doctor said that it was nothing serious.But I feel that it is something serious to be concerned to.

Funny, but I had a cotton stucked in my nose right now, and a ice cold towel on my head. I hope my nose would stop bleeding now.

I guess it’s also because of a hot weather. Ooh! So hot… And I was very tired from our dance class – then I washed myself with cold water… woo. That felt good – but it affected my nose as well.

I hope this is nothing serious… really.

See what excess global warming does. No water for some regions, too much heat. Forest fires and grass fires. So let us do our best to stop polluting the earth okay? (Weird -___-)


Oh… I’m not doing good in my subjects… what should I do? I study harder and harder… but… I wanted to give up… but for the people who trust in me, I’ll do this for them.

Oh… and yeah. Our midterm examinations are next week… and the most important subject of my life, my major – accounting test dropped on the day of my birthday. Great right? Hehe. Yeah, I am used to it because even before, we have our finals on my birthday.

But I’ll do well, even though it’s my birthday and I have to celebrate. At least I can do something worthy on my birthday. So please pray for me.

I have to pass to be able to go to Super Show 2 here in Manila! So it’s all up to me. Study!

I also wish that God will give me a good birthday present – that is… to pass the test and got higher score. Yey.


Speaking of study… I have a test tomorrow. Woo. Good luck to me.

Goodnight everyone!~


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