(RP-78) BH

I tried not to be affected, because I had already forgotten my feelings for him… But I failed.

Upon knowing the girl he likes, I felt really inferior. Okay. It has been a year going two, and I still like him. Even though we don’t see each other anymore, I admit, there is still a small space in my heart for him. I was trying to kill my feelings for him in my heart, but it still grew more and more. And I am deeply hurt this much.

Actually, I thought that the girl looks like him. So, therefore, she’s his soulmate. I believe that people who look alike (not twins, okay?) are soulmates. But what the heck?! My friend pointed out that the girl knows he likes her, and she’s taking advantage. I don’t want to bash her, because I knew that he likes her so much… So I had to sacrifice in order to let him become happy. But she’s really taking advantage!

I should have not been thinking about this… because this is not really important. What is important is my studies – which is also at stake of… failing (is that the right term?)…

I’ll try harder. If they can, I can also (what?)!

Go go go!



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