(RP-77) Guilty

My sister has chicken pox, and I have to isolate myself. You might ask me, why am I the one to isolate myself, if my sister is the one who has chicken pox? The answer is simple: I haven’t had a chicken pox since childhood. And worse, I am too paranoid.

Of course, who doesn’t. I have my midterm exams next week (wow, time really goes fast). And if I get a chicken pox today, I might not get a test next week, and if ever, I’ll celebrate my birthday with chicken pox.

But why am I really predicting the future? I am guilty. Because of too much paranoia, I was like… so bad to my sister. Instead of taking care of her, I avoided her. Instead of comforting her, here I am, adding to her pain. What kind of sister am I?

I realize the good things she did for me in a flashback. That was… tearjerking.

If I had it, so what? It’s just a chicken pox. I will not die because of that. I promise myself, I will never ever avoid my sister too much.


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