(RP-76) Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello, just passing by to say be happy and greet all of you a Happy New Year and a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Actually, I’m happy today… because my ex-crush gave me something… a Valentine gift through Facebook, but that’s not the whole reason why I am happy. I woke up lightly this morning – I dreamed of Kibum and other SuJu members.

And we will buy a new gas range this evening (with an oven). Finally! I can bake cake and cookies. Yehey! Also, I am purchasing Super Show 2 Album this evening. Gosh.

The happiest day for me was yesterday, February 13, 2010. I saw Jollibee twice! 😀 First, when I was riding a jeepney, I saw Jollibee delivery motorcycles. They were making noise by their horns, I asked myself why. Then I thought of buying a Jolly Crunchy Twirl, because I miss eating in Jollibee. Back to the scene, I saw a Jollibee Mascot at the back of a Mitsubishi (I think) L200. He was waving to everyone. Wooh. I feel really happy, my heart jumped. Ahaha. Like a kid… I’m so childish! I was smiling secretly. I never felt this giddy before. Ahaha.

Then hanminteuk and I ate at Jollibee Paco yesterday, then I was surprised when Jollibee came in. Ahaha. I almost spazzed (as if I saw an SJ member, LOL). Then Jollibee noticed me, and we had high five… Ahaha… I’m so silly. I was more excited than the kids 😀 I guess Jollibee brings out the kid in me. Ahaha.

When I got home, I felt sad again. It’s because of a video. Heehee. No, I’m not that angry.. or jealous… or anything. But what the heck… 🙂

How is your Valentine’s, hmm? Is it good?

To all people celebrating Chinese New Year, can I eat some TIKOY? Ahee.


Monday again. I’m excited for the LEAP.


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