(MOD POST) Read. Please Read.

I promised not to post anything at all, but I believe this should be posted.

Let’s all pray for her. I was really amazed of her faith to SuJu, especially to Cho Kyuhyun. Wow. Read. I hope her wish would be granted. Please help her wish come true.

Death is not the end
Death can never be the end. Death is the road.
Life is the traveller.
The Soul is the Guide…

Our mind thinks of death.
Our heart thinks of life
Our soul thinks of Immortality.

Santy is my only child. Santy had a big brother but he died on 2006. On the 1st February, Santy turned 14.Santy had heart cancer for 3 years ago when she was 11. When Santy was 11 years old, us family lived in Singapore to continue Santy’s school. That day we didn’t know about Santy’s sickness.Santy still look very healthy.

One day, i heard news from the school that Santy fell and fainted during P.E with her friends. I was so shocked and so worried after hearing those news. After then, we brought Santy to the hospital in Singapore for more serious care. After 4 days waiting the results from the hospital, finally we knew about the sickness Santy had all the time. And it’s heart Cancer. The 1st check up from Santy she’s on Stadium 2.

Untill she’s 13, that sickness became worse and brings danger to Santy’s condition. The heart cancer Santy had has gone into Stadium 4, and causing Santy had coma untill today. When Santy is in coma, it has benn 3 months ago. Before that Santy was cared in the hospital for almost 1 year..
Until now Santy’s condition is even worse. Everyday i would cry and pray for Santy’s recovery. And while waiting, i haven’t got the miracle for Santy’s recovery…

A little story about Super Junior before Santy had her coma…
Santy is independent and always trysing her best to achieve what she wants. One of it is to watch the Second Super Show and meeting them live in Seoul.

I know that wish is hard to achieve for herself because of her condition. I can achieve that and bring her to watch Super Junior in Seoul. But to look at her health condition, her health got even worse day by day, I with force didn’t allow her to go to Seoul. But then, Santy has prepared everything to give to Super Junior. Because i force her to not to go, she’s sad and cried continuesly. I fell bad for Santy. But i did it what’s best for her. Santy really wants to meep Super junior especially Cho Kyuhyun

She’s so sad and cried hearing the news about the accident that fell to Super Junior member that is Kyuhyun. She said to me and crying “Mom, Santy want’s to go to Seoul to meet Kyuhyun oppa, to bring him support now. But before, bring Santy to church to pray so God can save and protect Kyuhyun oppa. Santy doesn’t want Kyuhyun’s family to be sad because they’re afraid to loose Kyuhyun oppa the same with Santy felt when Jose left Santy because the same thing happened with Kyuhyun oppa”
I was really shocked hearing her wish. And i immidietly grant her wish. At the church seeing Santy praying, she looks so sad hearing the news that an accident fell into Super Junior. But unfortunately, ther wish to see Super junior is impossible.

There’s a bit regretful feeling in my self to not allow her wishes. 2 days before her coma she even told me a favor. She said to me “Santy apolagize to mom because Santy’s wish to meet Super Junior had became mom fell worried with Santy. Santy knows all of it is impossible to meet Super Junior. Even though my hopes are high to meet Super Junior see them once to say my name in one of their concerts. as an ELF who is always cheering for Super Junior and always praying for Super Junior’s success. If one day Santy fell asleep for a long time and can’t hear about that live from Super Junior..

Maybe only this that i can tell to you. And I hope everybody can understand what Santy wants to hear live from Super Junior… especially from Cho Kyuhyun.
Honsety, i can’t take it anymore to see santy’s condition like now. I hope every miracle comes to Santy. Even that miracle came from anywhere…

Maybe a thousand times i said thank you to all of you. But that won’t make me say thank you again to you… because i thought, through your kindness which is big to grant Santy’s wish and a miracle we’ve been waiting for all the time will help Santy….

That’s all from myself..
Allow me once again to say a thousand of thank yous for your kindness which you bring to my child Santy
Warm greeting from me,
from Santy Theresia Tosephin’s mother
God Bless You…

Source: Here
Shared by: salmon_anchovy@sj-world.net
Translated to English.


2 thoughts on “(MOD POST) Read. Please Read.

  1. kyuhyun should be happy for having such a fan. but sadly, he wouldn’t notice right? he has thousands more fan who are willing to die for him. but, as a fan myself, i really want they to recognize me not only as an elf, but as myself, which is impossible.

    i’m talking pointless

    • No you’re not talking pointless.. actually.. Kyu is such a lucky man to have such fan…
      It’s really hard to be recognized.. because we are too many.. but I hope he would find out about this…

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