(MOD POST) Happy 24th Birthday Siwon!

Thank God for the blessing of having Siwon in our lives! Yehey~! (I sound HOLY. The unusual me, haha).

Saengil Chukha Hamnida, Siwon!

Happy 23rd birthday Siwon (24 in Korea, 25 real age, 26 Korean real age – THAT’S CONFUSING), our no. 1 Gesture Guy, and Mr. ShiBrows! Woo. Though it’s not his real birthday (His real birthday was on April 7, 1986 and was registered on February 10, 1987), I want to greet him a wonderful birthday! Today is his celebration. Woot.

Anyway, sorry for greeting him this late… Haha. I was at school this morning and I didn’t have the chance to post it… so yeah!

Siwon is a great guy. He always do things – God always supports him! Why? Not only because he is holy, it’s because Siwon is a man with good intentions. He also always makes his hyungs and fans happy doing those funny expressions and gestures no one can imitate. He’s so amazing doing those gentleman gestures and unbelievable expressions.

What else, yeah, Siwon kills women, FIGURATIVELY, with those six-pack abs (I sound like a pervert) LOL. I can’t deny that Siwon has the greatest number of fan girls. He’s tall, handsome and nice. Woo. All girls would love to be his girlfriend someday. Total dream guy.

Handsome. Very handsome. No wonder he is always chosen to act in a drama. And speaking of drama… he is one of the best actors. No seriously, no bias opinions. He can sing, dance, name it, and he’ll do it.

Message for him:
Siwonnie, our great prince, I hope you’re fine today while celebrating with your family, relatives, friends, members and fans. I wish that you would not be sick and you will stay to be healthy. Also, continue to show us that you deserve everything you get, and that you improve more and more each day. You never fail us when it comes to anything. You always give the best in you. Wish you all the good luck and blessings from God. I’ll pray to God so that He’ll continue to shower blessings to you. And lastly, I wish you luck for your career in acting, especially in Oh My Lady. That will be a great hit for sure. Everybody loves you, please remember that.
We love you!

6 thoughts on “(MOD POST) Happy 24th Birthday Siwon!

  1. I am so agreed with you there, you said it all. What more can I say but to wish this perfect God child a very happy birthday…..Siwon with your gentleness you drove us girl fans over the cliff, and that what make us love you even more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY.

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