(MOD POST) Happy 27th Birthday Hankyung!

Well, it is too late already… But I want to greet our one and only Mr. Beijing Fried Rice, Han Geng! (I am really used to saying Hankyung ^^;)

Anyway… It’s Fe bruary 9, and it’s Hankyung’s birthday! He is already 26 years old (27 in Korea).

Saenggil Chukha Hamnida, Hankyung… 生日快乐!

Hankyung is a very kind and nice guy. He donated his 80% income for the victims of flood and earthquake. Wow. He’s totally amazing. That’s why all members really love him. Well, fans do too.

He is a good son, a loyal member, a trustworthy friend and a responsible citizen. I may not know him personally, but based on the all shows I have watched, I am totally sure of that. He’s a funny guy too… even though he really didn’t understand Korean before (well, he improved a lot now with the help of Heechul), he still participated in SuJu’s activities. And come to think of it, it’s really hard to be the leader of Super Junior M, and hyung to other members besides Leeteuk and Heechul.

Through his perseverance, he managed to succeed in every little thing that he do. But he kept his feet on the ground. He remained humble and helpful.

I believe in him. Although there are lot of issues about him, he still kept his chin up. He never gave up.

This incident… I know it’s familiar: His filing of termination of his contract. At first, it was kinda unbelieable. Imagine, Hankyung is a very quiet man. But all of us will not remain quiet if something bad is happening already. I admire his strength, determination, positive thinking and courage to do all this. Despite oother people hating him, he still didn’t mind.

Being the only Chinese guy in the group, Hankyung really tried his best to cope up with other members.

May he be granted a good health and a prosperous life.

Message for him:

Whenever you are right now, please believe that whatever your decision is, we will support you. We love you that much. If you are hurt, don’t hesitate to tell it to us. Even though we will be hurting to, we will understand because we will feel that we are all important to you. Good health and stay strong as ever. Always smile. Continue to grow and improve more. Remember that all of your fans, and friends, and family are at your side, and we will be all watching you. We are humbly sorry for not being open-minded about your situation right now. Again, happy birthday…

P.S. You never disappointed anyone. We are proud that we have Hankyung Gege cheering for us and inspiring us. You are our Super Man…

Let Love Fly…


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