(RP-73) Combined Seconds

Wooh, recently, I have been writing on this blog seldom topics about Super Junior… It’s not that I don’t like them anymore… LOL… I would never (I avoided double negations) ever dislike them, okay?

Anyway… Just want to share this to all of you. Haha.

I bet everyone knows it’s Hankyung’s birthday tomorrow, and Siwon’s on the tenth… Ahaha, I just want you to remember. Haha.

Tomorrow is my second accounting test, and I really wanted to pass. So I have to study now. Wait, it’s not that I didn’t pass on my first test, as in similar to the real concept of failure. So, I wanted to pass the test tomorrow and the only way to pass is to study. (I should have been studying an hour later now, haha).

So, see you again later. Please pray for me. It will help, really. A LOT.


To sum it up,our eyes met for about three times (one time for one second) this afternoon. Haha…Can we just combine it up to make it three seconds? They say that ‘there is something going on’ with two people that look at each other for at least three seconds.

Maybe, I’m just dreaming. Haha.


Good night. It’s not the time for me to dream. I have to study.


One thought on “(RP-73) Combined Seconds

  1. “Heavenly Father, I pray for immortalsoul123 today. I pray for the determination to study hard, and for Your blessing to do well if he/she did his/her part. I pray that Your will be done in his/her life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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