Leeteuk and Eunhyuk Had a Fight?

 Haha! That is not a real fight~! You got it all wrong.

This is a cut on Star King Episode 152 – Leeteuk vs. Eunhyuk pillow fight. They had a pillow fight and Eunhyuk dominated and won the fight. Poor Teukie for being bullied too much XD.

Eunhyuk is so engrossed with the pillow fight. His expressions of determination to win are EPIC. And Leeteuk had a chance of his own, but I believe it’s not enough to win. He even tried to hit Eunhyuk but he failed and instead, he fell down and missed.

However, in the end, they still ‘cared’ for each other… LOL! Also, Jessica of SNSD is laughing out loud too much XD!

At first, I thought Eunhyuk secretly hates Leeteuk that’s why he gave his best to fight him… But because they treat each other brothers, I disregarded my thought 😛

Leeteuk wore the SJ-World shoes that was given to him.

Minho is so funny too, in the end.

Still, I enjoyed this a lot.

Here are some caps – and the video. Hope you enjoy (because I enjoyed).

Fighter in the WHITE corner - LEETEUK!

Fighter in the BLUE corner - EUNHYUK!

Aww… these expressions are priceless XD

A simple trick helped…

Eunhyuk hits Leeteuk; Eunhyuk scores, trying to run after his hyung and hit him again and again.

Leeteuk tries to hit Eunhyuk back...

But Eunhyuk's reflexes are good, Leeteuk misses, and the younger tries to hit him again.

Being determined, Leeteuk tries again, until he becomes successful! Solid hit!

Eunhyuk loses his balance and falls, leaving Leeteuk victorious.

The first fall of Eunhyuk leads to Leeteuk's victory... for seconds.

"Hey you!" Eunhyuk says and plans a revenge. What is he going to do?

Eunhyuk tries out his revenge plan, but will he be successful?

Eunhyuk goes for the last strike, his secret weapon, the "Super Drop Kick"! Leeteuk falls again, leaving Eunhyuk successful (too much wrestling).

Eunhyuk, as a loving dongsaeng, cares for his hyung still after the bloody fight.

And a scene of father and child...

Nevertheless, after all pain Leeteuk had felt, Eunhyuk still won. Eunhyuk is such a strong guy. He always wins.

To see the whole clip, watch this video:

credit: UnknownCarrot@youtube

Goodnight everyone. Have a nice weekend ahead. 😀


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