(MOD POST) Happy 23rd Birthday, Kyuhyun!

Happy Birthday Cho Kyuhyun!

Woah. This is really a special day for the magnae of Super Junior, Kyuhyunnie~! I hope I’m right about saying this. I hope he is really enjoying his birthday today! Of course, along with his friends and family, and ELF, and his loveone/s if there is/are any. Naughty little Kyuhyun will celebrate his birthday with full of happiness.

He has been my ultimate crush in Super Junior since the first time I was addicted to them. So, with that, I really thank him for making me into Super Junior right now. Honestly, I just watch for him – not the whole group. But because of him to, I got to know all of them, so I’m really happy.

I really admire his perserverance, intelligence, naughtiness, wittiness, personality, etc. All of those. I love his voice, his charms, all of him (Yuck, I sound like an obssessed stalker).

I couldn’t imagine the yougest being one of the bullies in the group. He is evil – well, ‘EVILKYU’ suits him.

And an angelic voice is given to him. Honestly, I admired many singers already, but I haven’t like their voices that much. Kyuhyun’s voice makes me… melt. Makes me feel more relaxed. But I also admit that there is something in his voice that I don’t like. But overall, he’s the best singer (I’m not being biased here. I’m trying not to be. Haha).

Gosh, I have never seen a guy who loves math, reading, games, sports and singing all-in-one. He is one of a kind. A true uhm-chin-ah… good to be true. I mean, yes, he is not perfect but in the eyes of many, he is. He looks so handsome, he has talents (numerous, I tell). He can sing, dance (well, not quite, but… he really improves A LOT), talk, act (although with too many NG’s), etc.

Uhm, what else… oh, he’s a good brother, friend, and entertainer too! Even though he doesn’t look like it, I can feel that he also an obedient son.

And oh… a gamer. A pro-gamer!

An unexpected Billie Jean dancer.

An awesome singer!

A top student (But a person who doesn’t want to study)!

He is loved by his hyungs.

And fans love him too.

I have a message for you. I hope you read this (but it’s impossible):

You are 22 (23 in Korea), I can say that you have fully grown-up (Yuck, I sound like his parents now). Yes, he had become serious and matured in all activities he is into. He is really gaining so much popularity. “He and his popularity” (Cho, 2009) had become his charm to be loved by everyone (well, almost, because my sister doesn’t like him <– Why, you ask? I really don’t know also).

Continue to grow as who we admire and like. Continue to ‘take care’ of your hyungs, okay? Always be safe, pray always. Always do the best you can, and don’t be afraid of failure (Look who’s talking) because failure is meant to make you better…

Stay healthy, be good to your hyungs!

I love you! We all love you!

Once again, Saenggil Chukha Hamnida, Kyuhyun!


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