Who is More Flexible? Eunhyuk vs. Minho Limborack Battle

On the recent episode of Star King, Eunhyuk of Super Junior and Minho of SHINee had a limborack battle. Let’s see in this video who had won the battle of flexibility.

credit: KpopFun@youtube


Yes, Eunhyuk won! Minho touched the floor with his knees. And Eunhyuk, being more flexible, passed the limbo. Great job Eunhyuk! Woot. LOL at Leeteuk who was happier… Haha… And Kang Hodong was so shocked when Eunhyuk hugged him. Haha. So cute. Why was Eunhyuk looking like a kid there? I thought the limbo would also fall down… Haha.

Congratulations, Eunhyuk! Ten times charm points to you.
Same to you, Minho!


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