Shindong’s Comment About Chubby Girls in ShimShimTaPa; Tweets

On January 29th simsim tapa, there was a female radio listener called to the show and shared the story about her decision of being on a diet started from new year. She told her boyfriend about that decision and her bf said to her “Dont start if you will quit after only few days. Your body cant change just because of diet”.

Kim Shinyoung said “Saying something about a girl’s weight is like asking for a punch” and one of the guest said “I will say you dont need to lose weight. She needs the love/affection so I will take the method of exercising with her”

Shindong said “I will say let’s lose weight if they need to lose weight. Lose some weights, you cant take care of yourself. And if that person tells me , I will say ” in which both Kim Shinyoung & announcer Koo Eunyoung said “Why it has anything to do with girl or boy ? girls should be slim and boys are…”, then Shindong said “I only said because honestly, I just want the person whom I love to be prettier and more beautiful”.

But after the radio was aired, what Shindong said became a topic on a community site, together with what Yesung and Leeteuk had said before about chubby girls on MBC “Quiz to change the world”. On that show, Leeteuk said “I really dont like fat girls because they seems not to know how to take care of themselves” and Yesung said “Very fat people are lazy”.

Netizens said “I cant understand his statement that boys can be chubby but girls can not”, “How can he say that while he received a lot of love because his chubby charming”


Translation of Shindong’s tweets

그런뜻이 아닌데…내여자친구에게 그런다는이야기였는데…. 내여자친구가 있따면 더 이뻐지면 좋다는 이야기를 하고싶었는데… 여자는 살을빼야된다는 소리가 아니였는데… 그렇게 들렸다면 죄송합니다..하지만 그런게 아니였다는걸..알아주세요ㅜㅜ

I didnt mean that….the words that I will say to my gf…if I have a gf, I will tell her that I only want her to be prettier…I wont say girls should lose weight…I’m sorry that you had heard it…but I really didnt mean it…please understand

…………다들 힘을주셔서 너무 감사합니다. 하지만 잘못은 잘못이기에..사과를 드리겠습니다..죄송합니다..주위하겠습니다..더욱더 좋은방송을만들기 위해 노력하겠습니다..조심하겠습니다.. 심심타파 많이 사랑해주세요 심심타파화이팅! 슈주화이팅!

…..thank you so much for cheering me. But what I did is wrong…so I will have to apologize…I’m sorry…I’ll work more hard to bring you better (radio) broacasts….I will be more careful…..please give simsim tapa a lot of love simsim tapa fighting ! suju fighting !

original source is here and shindong’s twitter
translated by
may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits


That statement was really to be misunderstood by many, but I still believe that Shindong didn’t want to put it that way. He wanted to be nice and careful… but it’s just too hard. Anyway, please be careful about it next time. At least he apologized…
Please be considerate and open-minded readers.


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