(FF) To Be Human Again

Another one-shot fic I wrote in SJ-WORLD
Hello everyone, another fic again. This time, it’s a one-shot! Yey! Clap Clap. I thought that if I would be going to do another novel again, the case would be I would never finish any of my fics again. Haha. So…

This is the second time of doing a fantasy fic. My first fantasy fic remains unfinished, in Tagalog. It’s called Oasis: The Legend of the Sphere of Light. I made it for my bestfriend. 😛 It’s a fantasy-adventure-comedy-romance fiction. After making my ‘love-partner’ die, I stopped. Hehe.

Please comment. Haha.

Title: To Be Human Again
Author: immortalsoul123
Genre: Romantic Fantasy, Friendship, Drama
Rating: PG
Started: January 23, 2010
Finished: January 23, 2010
Characters: Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Arissa (OC)
Warnings: Sad-ending, Cursing, Too Long?
Notes: You can replace Arissa’s name to whoever you want. Hehe. Similar to SJ members. You can change Leeteuk’s name and imagine it to any other members. Because I would like Leeteuk for my lead character, I chose him. And if you want to have a request (one-shot fic or short-story fic or songfic), please comment. Any similarities to any events, characters, and places are coincidental and pure fictional.
Disclaimer: I owned (and imagined) the whole plot, but I do not own any characters in the story (especially Leeteuk).
Dedicated to: Everyone, especially to G4 members. Nicklein, Marie, Erika, and Alex. And Diana. You can now use your names and change Leeteuk’s name into Kyuhyun, Donghae, Kibum and Eunhyuk, respectively.



Kyuhyun’s POV

A world of sin and greed, this is my world.

I am Kyuhyun. I am heartless. I am rude. I am bad. I don’t care about anyone’s feeling. I only care of myself. I don’t want anyone to mess with me. If they do, they’re dead. Ever since high school, I was a bully.
I didn’t enjoy a day without anyone suffering from my own ruthless hands. I punch, I kick, name it, I do it.

I am my family’s black sheep. Oh well, it’s just me. That’s how I grow up. My parents are always out of the country, working there and across the globe. That’s why they never monitor my growth, on how I live, on how I am, on how I become. It was their fault anyway. Who said I want these damn riches? Who said I want these mansion, cars and clothes? All I want is their love.

“You will never change!” My mom said to me.

“I disown you,” My dad said. “I am so unlucky to have a son like you!”

And so what? They never treat me one, anyway.


I went to a drinking bar and drink some hard liquors. I can drink up to ten bottles. I don’t easily get drunk. But I easily get irritated when I drink.

I looked at my phone, and it was ringing. I saw the name that registered on the phone. It was Arissa, a friend. She was the only person who understands me, aside from Leeteuk who treated me like a real baby brother.

Leeteuk was my best friend, for he always made me feel important and loved. But he left for States after he graduated. I was mad at him. But I couldn’t hate him too much. After Leeteuk died, she had become my friend. She was always there, even though she knew that I am a bad guy.

Leeteuk was still my best friend. I promised him that.

I answered the phone and heard a worrying voice.

“Where are you? Hey, Kyu, answer me,” Arissa asked. “I went to your house and your father said that he already disown you. W-What happened?”

I cackled. “Don’t mind it. Mind your business, okay. By-”

“ANSWER ME! Where are you? I’m currently driving towards where I think you are,” Arissa informed. I heard a loud noise which I predicted to be from the car’s door. “I’m going there. Don’t leave okay?”

“I said don’t-”

Arissa was the first to hang up. Aish. What the heck was wrong with her? But hearing her worrying like that aroused me. My heart beat fast. She is the only girl who can make me feel like that. I think I know the reason now to change my ways. I love her.

I didn’t do what she had told me. I got up and paid the bill so that she could not see me. As I opened the club’s door, I saw Arissa approaching me. What the, she was really fast.

“Kyuhyun! I-”

I saw a flash of light in her direction. It was a car moving fastly towards her. Her feet were glued on the ground. She was too shocked to move.

“Arissa! Watch out!” I immediately ran to push her and avoid the collision, but…

What I heard was a loud screech. A bump. I dropped down the ground, my head was bleeding unstoppably. I saw Arissa walking towards me, crying. She hugged me as she cried.

“A-Arissa, s-sorry for the t-troubles that I had caused you. I-”

I saw a white light before completely closing my eyes.



Leeteuk’s POV

“I-I’m going back to…”

It was really unbelievable. I’m going back to the living people’s world for forty days?

“Yes, I chose you to go back and correct things that Kyuhyun did wrong,” God said to me. “Kyuhyun died this evening. He lived a sinful life, that’s why it is going to be your job to make his life straight. A second chance for him.”

I am Leeteuk. I died when I was twenty-three, the age of Kyuhyun right now. I was also hit by a car and died upon arriving at the hospital. I have been three years in heaven right now.

“Why not him? Why would you don’t make him go back again?”

I was Kyuhyun’s best friend in high school. We were schoolmates. I was a senior and he was a sophomore that time. He was a bully. But I was used to it. He was still a good friend to me.

“I will, after sometime you corrected his life,” He answered back. “You will be going back here, after everything is done. And if you succeed, I’ll make him go back again in his own body. I f you do not, you’ll remain inside his body forever until the day he dies again, and he would come back here to take your position.”

“That means, I’m going to be Kyuhyun for forty days?”

I didn’t want to stay there on earth. I really didn’t want to be human again. I wanted to stay here in heaven forever, for everyday of my life in earth was ruined.

I saw Kyuhyun, approaching me. He was wearing a black polo shirt – the exact clothes he was wearing on his accident.

“Please make everything straight again, I want to go back to Arissa,” He said, pleading. “I want to change my ways, the things I did wrong. I want to be alive again. Can you do that for me?”

I nodded. I am sure, I can.

“Leeteuk, it’s your time to go. Remember, if you did not do the task after forty days, Kyuhyun will die.”

I nodded and closed my eyes. And in a flash of light, I disappeared.


I woke up. I looked around and saw four white walls. I was in a hospital, I guess.

There was one person who was watching me. She was a very beautiful woman. She was crying, a lot. I feel pity for her so I lifted my hand and wiped her tears.

“K-Kyuhyun? Kyuhyun, you’re safe!” She hugged me tightly.

That’s right. I am Kyuhyun. I am in Kyuhyun’s body now. I think my job is going to begin at this point of time.

Kyuhyun was sitting beside the bed. Obviously, Arissa couldn’t see him.

“Of course… I’m glad that I see you again,” I said. “From now on, I’ll be going to live my life best. God had given me another chance to live, so I’ll be a good person now.”

Arissa held my hand. I felt so good. I know that I’m on Kyuhyun’s body, that’s why I felt like it. I looked at Kyuhyun who was looking at me. He just smiled. I knew he was hurting to see it.

“I believe in you.”


I went back home after the doctor said that I recovered fast. In no less than a week, I was released in the

Kyuhyun’s parents were very happy to see their son recover. They hugged me, in Kyuhyun’s body and apologized to what they said before.

“We’re sorry to disown you, son,” his father said. “I am happy to see you alive. Arissa said that you really liked us to bond with you, right? So here we are. We requested for a leave from the office to be with you.”

I saw Kyuhyun smile. I knew it was a dream come true for him. It was, I can feel it too.

“I promise that I’ll do my best to become a good son again,” I said, hugging Kyuhyun’s parents back.


Back to school, I did well on my studies. Kyuhyun’s professor was shocked on my improvements. I even got an A plus in every subjects. Kyuhyun helped me too.

“Thank you for doing this, Leeteuk,” Kyuhyun said to me. We were sitting under a tree on break time. “God never failed to choose you to be me.”

I nodded and answered, “I believe that you are really good. I mean, many people love you, especially Arissa. I wish I had known her after I died.”

Something struck my heart, I didn’t even know what. He just smiled and looked on the ground, “Well, if I had a chance to come back again, I’ll tell her that I love her too. Does she even know I’m dead already-”

“Kyuhyunnie!” We both looked on a woman who was walking towards me. It was Arissa. She looked beautiful in a white haltered dress. “I’m glad you’re here.”

I smiled and stood up to see her better, “How were your exams?”

“It turned out well, thanks to you!” She said, hugging me. “So, because of that, I’ll treat you lunch with me today. Let’s go!”

She held my hand, again. She always does that. And I could still feel that unknown feeling that I have never felt before.


We went to a fancy dining restaurant.

“I haven’t gotten any news about you since you returned home. How are you, my angel?”

Was it only me or was my heart really skipped a beat?

“Angel is my nickname. She gave it to me even though I was a bad boy,” Kyuhyun whispered to me. He giggled.

“Uhm, there is nothing to talk about, except that I got better,” I answered. Our orders then came in. I took my food into my mouth with a spoon. I didn’t notice that a crumb was stucked on my left cheek.

“Ah, Kyuhyun, there is a,” she wiped the crumb of rice on my cheek. I blushed. It was very unusual for a girl to do that. It was always the boy who does that.

My heart beat fast, then faster, again. Am I falling in love with this girl already?

I looked at Kyuhyun and he just nodded to say that’s okay. I continued eating afterwards.

Minutes later, Arissa spoke, “Kyuhyun. I want you to come back.”

I was shocked when I heard that. “W-What did you say?” I asked.

Arissa looked at me, smiling. She then said, “I have alreadyknown that you were not Kyuhyun since the day you woke up. I can see ghosts and stuff. I can also see their faces, but it’s always blurred. I knew that Kyuhyun was with us.”

I looked at Kyuhyun. He spoke, “She told me that she could see these supernatural beings. But I never believed it.”

“Who are you really?” She asked. I swallowed to clear my throat.

“I-I’m Leeteuk, his best friend. I died when I was twenty-three too, same as Kyuhyun. God asked me to exchange with him to make everything straight and to make everything what it is supposed to be,” I explained. “I’m sorry Arissa. I am going to be Kyuhyun for now.”

Arissa grinned and continued eating. But later, she spoke again, “Leeteuk… can you tell Kyuhyun I miss him?”

Painful. That’s what I felt. “Kyuhyun already heard it.”

“I miss him very much. If only I can hear what he says to me right now. I can only see ‘things’. I’m mad because I can’t hear him.”

I was jealous. I really was. But I should never fall in love with her. Please. Oh God… I can’t. Only ten days to go and I’m going back to where I really belong.


Only two days to go.

Arissa went to my house later at night because we will study for the finals. She was allowed by her parents to stay in our house for a night.

She already knew that I was not Kyuhyun, but she still showed me kindness, and thoughtfulness. She also knew about what would happen in forty days. She was excited to have Kyuhyun back.

That’s why… even though I didn’t want to believe it… but I’m in love with her. This is bad.

“Leeteuk. I want to see Kyuhyun, can you tell him that I wanted to see him because I’ve got something to tell him.”

What was that she telling Kyuhyun? Oh no, I should act now, before it is too late.

“I hope she would tell me that she loves me too,” Kyuhyun said happily. “Leeteuk, tell her that I love her too.”

“No!” I shouted. Kyuhyun and Arissa were both stunned. “I won’t go back. I won’t let Kyuhyun go back here again. I want to stay. I want to-”

I hugged Arissa, as tight as I could, not wanting to let her go. But she wanted to.

“Leeteuk, let me go! I’m hurt-”

“No! I love you. I love you Arissa. I’m sorry Kyuhyun.”

The clock struck twelve. It’s only a day to go.

Kyuhyun could not believe what he was seeing. Why did I fall into this kind of feeling? Why?

I let Arissa go after feeling her tears onto my shoulders. She was crying. I was guilty. She was really hurt.

“I-I’m sorry,” I said. I gasped. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I just… felt it.”

Arissa didn’t speak a word. She stood up, got her bag and walked swiftly towards the door. I also stood up to stop her after a minute. But it was already too late. She was gone.

“You didn’t tell me that you loved Arissa too,” Kyuhyun said to me. “This is unbelievable.”

“Kyuhyun,” I glared at him. “I will do everything to get Arissa from you. I will. I will make sure that you will not go back here anymore. I will live as Kyuhyun. Arissa will learn to love me too, because she will see you in me.”

Even before, I envied him, a lot. He had everything I wished for. I did not grow up on bed of money. I was a simple boy who got a scholarship to study. An orphan.

Even if I’m in Kyuhyun’s body, I believe that it is still my heart that feels it all.

“Please, Leeteuk, I’m begging you! Don’t-“

“It’s too late Kyuhyun. You cannot do anything about it anymore. Goodbye.”


There was only one chance to stay here on earth with Arissa. All straight things should be crooked. I would live as Kyuhyun in the past.

I went in front of a drinking bar, where Kyuhyun was hit by the car. I entered it.

It was already eleven thirty in the evening. If I did something bad, Kyuhyun would not be able to go back on earth again. I can be a human again.

I sat and drank ten bottles of beer, just like what Kyuhyun did before his accident.

I went to three guys’ table and accidentally pushed one of them.

“Hey, what’s up with you, huh?” he asked. That was what I wanted to happen. But why was that there was something wrong? “Do you want to fight with us?”

They took me outside and the other guy punched me on my stomach, “That’s what will happen if you mess with us.”

I spit with blood. Man that hurt. I should fight. That was what I planned to happen, to not make Kyuhyun go back anymore. But when I tried to punch, someone held my arm. Then another guy punched me. And I fell down, dizzy and bleeding.

Why can’t I fight back?

My vision was becoming blurry. And memories came like a thunder. There were some moments that were remembered. A picture of two boys, Kyuhyun and I, under that tree.

“Leeteuk, I’m happy that you were always still here even though I’m lost,” Kyuhyun said. “I can always count on you.”

“I knew that,” I answered.

“Whenever someone bullies you, I would get back on them and make them fall on their knees! I want to be your brother, even though you’re older than me,” He laughed.

“Yah! I’m still older!” I said, laughing.

“I would never forget you. You will be my best friend forever!” Kyuhyun shouted.

“Best friend forever,” I repeated. “This is not right. Kyuhyun is my best friend and my b-brother. I would
never exchange our friendship to any other thing in the world.”

After twenty minutes, they left. I crawled in pain and stood up carefully, still hurting..

“Leeteuk!” Arissa shouted. She was on the other side of the road. She went to me but a car was fast approaching. My adrenaline rush made me stood up and push Arissa.

I fell down, like Kyuhyun. Funny, it was the same scene as Kyuhyun’s.

I smiled. I guess it’s already over. In two turns of the seconds hand, Kyuhyun would now go back.

“Leeteuk,” Arissa whispered and shed a tear while hugging me. “I am sorry for leaving you last time. I was shocked and-”

“Ssh, you were already forgiven, smile now,” I whispered and smiled. “Hey, how did you know I’m here?”

“Of course, Kyuhyun and you are best friends, right? Of course, you would go here too,” she said, smiling forcibly, stopping her tears to fall. “I really wanted to say thank you to you. You did a good job in making Kyuhyun good.”

“H-He’s really good, even before, I knew that,” I said. My breath was not holding back now. I have to go. Kyuhyun should exchange with me right now.

Speaking of him, I saw him smiling. He was still happy after what I said to him?

“Leeteuk, I am happy that you are my best friend,” He said. “I still forgive you after all that.”

I smiled once more. Only a minute. I can now go to heaven, again. Back to where I really belong.

“Leeteuk, I just want you to know, before you leave,” Arissa said. “I was about to tell Kyuhyun that I knew he loves me, but I could not love anyone else, because it’s you who I love.”

I felt happy. And contented.

I looked at Kyuhyun. He was still smiling. This time, he was not hurt. He didn’t show any hurt at all. All I saw was happiness in his eyes.

“Leeteuk, I will cherish our friendship. I’ll be always here, watching over you two. She loves you so much. I can feel it. Although it hurts, I still have to accept. You’re my bestfriend, remember?”

“Thanks, Kyuhyun,” I whispered and looked at Arissa, and wiped her tears, “I love you too.”

I closed my eyes. I thought, this is enough.

But before the clock struck twelve, I felt a kiss on my lips – a kiss full of sincere emotion, full of love.


Two years passed. I am happy to see Arissa so smiling with her new husband.

“Miss her, eh?”

I looked at someone who spoke. It was God. He patted my shoulder. I smiled at him and said, “It’s good to see him happy now with her husband.”

“I am proud of you. You accepted the fact that they should still be together, even though you love her so much, you still did what was right,” God said to me.

I looked from the sky and saw Arissa and his husband kissed. Arissa loved that person – his bestfriend.
After closing my eyes, I found myself lying down, in my bed here in heaven. This is where I really belong.
Kyuhyun came back, and I did my job well. He was back, according to what God promised us. But I didn’t object. I want him to be happy.

“I’m sure Arissa learns to love Kyuhyun now,” I said, staring back at the two persons I have loved when I became a human. “She’s so lucky to have Kyuhyun.”

For two years, Kyuhyun has been there for Arissa, showing his love for her. He came back for her, so he lived his life for her. And Arissa appreciated it. Time passed and she learned to love the new Kyuhyun. Although sometimes, she misses his old ways.

These memories will remain forever in my heart.

“Father,” Someone called from behind. We looked to where the voice came from.

So that was her voice. It was the sweetest thing I heard. I smiled at her, and she smiled back at me. I guess, it’s not too late for me.

“Oh, Carrie, join us here,” God spoke and invited her. “We are watching a good view here.”

She walked towards us and stopped beside me. I smiled. She had smiled at me before she looked to Arissa and Kyuhyun’s wedding ceremony.

A new beginning, a new love, here on heaven, with her.

In oblivion, if I would choose between love and friendship, I’ll choose both. Why? These two things made lives better. These two could never be separated. These two made me feel that it’s good to be human


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