(FF) Flashbacks

Hi! This is immortalsoul123…
This is my second fanfic here in SJ-World…
The first one is a novel…
And this one is a two-shot fic only…
Please Enjoy!
Comments are very much appreciated…
Translated fanfic (This was originally written in Tagalog by me – a graduation present for my bestfriend)

Title: Flashbacks
Author: immortalsoul123
Type: Two-shot (I thought it would be one-shot T_T )
Genres: Romance, Drama, Tragedy
Rating: PG
Main Characters: Sungmin, Hanna (OC),
Supporting Characters: Leeteuk
Warning: Character Death. Sad Ending.

PM List:

Diana TImbol


Chapter 1

HANNA and Sungmin were newly weds. And because they were just starting their new life, everything was perfect. Others said that it was just normal for married couples to have misunderstandings. But they promised not to have even one tiny misunderstanding. They loved each other that much.

They lived together happily with their little angel.

Not until a tragedy happened.


HANNA remembered those moments – those moments she could not ever forget – the very first day she had known Sungmin.

Sungmin came from a rich and famous family. He was studying at a very prestigious university where Hanna was also studying.

She was only an ordinary student there. She received a full scholarship grant from that university because she was an honor student in high school. Sometimes, she worked on the school cafeteria whenever she had no classes to support her family.

“One pork steak, please.”

Hanna looked up and saw a man with a gentle face. She thought, he was the same guy her classmates were talking and gossiping about.

She somewhat laughed at what her classmates describe him – that he seemed to be an angel who went down from heaven; that he was the most perfect person they saw in their entire lives.

But she ate her words. She now believed her classmates.

“Excuse me,” he said, “My order, please?”

Apparently, Hanna came back to the real world again. She looked so foolish while staring at him. She did not prevented herself from blushing.

“Sorry,” she said, “That would be two dollars.”

When she accidentally looked at him who was still standing in front of him, she saw him smiling. Oh boy, that smile. It was terribly sweet. She avoided to stare at him again.

“Are you… a student?”

With that question, she looked at the man again.

“W-What? A-Ah, yes,” she answered shyly.

“But, why are you working here?” he asked.

“I need money,” she replied again. She was somewhat irritated. This guy was asking her too many personal questions. “Do you still need something?”

“Yes,” he answered. “My pork steak. It was already placed on the counter.”

She was shocked. She looked so foolish again. He was right so she got his order, “I’m sorry.”

The guy shook his head. “It’s okay. It’s good that I got to know you better.”

She blushed. She didn’t want to adore his killer voice, his killer smile and his charms, but all of those had huge effect on her.

The guy got his order and paid for it. But before he finally turned back, he spoke again.

“I’m Sungmin Lee. Nice to meet you, miss.”

She did not know why but it seemed that time, the time froze and the world stopped. And it was his mistake.


WHENEVER she saw Sungmin in that cafeteria, she was very happy. Perhaps, she had feelings for him since they have talked with each other and the have gone home together.

He was a gentleman – he asked her if he could accompany her until she reached her house. And more than she could imagine – he went to her house and introduced himself to her family.

“Wow, I guess, you would not be working here anymore,” Sungmin said.

Hanna went back to the real world when he heard Sungmin’s voice. He was standing in front of her and observing her.

“Yes, my father found a job already. His salary would be enough for our family. My mother is also working on a grocery, so she would help my father in earning money,” she explained. “So, yes, I’ll not be working here anymore.”

He just smiled and asked her, “Mind if I join you?”

“O-Of course, no problem.”

He smiled again ang looked at her.

“S-Sungmin,” she said. She felt kinda nervous when she called his name. “Are you sure no one will get angry if someone saw us together? I mean, d-do you have a girlfriend?”

Sungmin laughed noisily. Everyone looked at us so she felt so embarrassed.

“G-girlfriend? No, I don’t have a girlfriend. Don’t worry, no one will get angry.”

She took a deep breath. She thought that he would interpret her question wrongly. He was not so narrow-minded afterall – it made her fall for him more. But still, she felt stupid.

Think before you act, her mind told her.

“Oh, I remember,” Sungmin said. “I’m here because I want you to come on my birthday party. Don’t worry, it’s on Sunday, so you have a longer time to decide if you will come. But of course, I would like you to come. It’s a casual party, so you can wear anything casual.”

He lend me the invitation card.

“O, it’s your birthday,” Hanna said out of the blue.

Sungmin laughed loudly once again, “That’s what I said!”

She blushed, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to, Hanna. You made me laugh.”

Her face turned redder when he mentioned her name.

“Okay, I’ll go now. I have a class. See you later.”

I nodded as I watched him walking away.



She was shocked when she saw many rich people who attended Sungmin’s party.

What do you expect? She asked herself.

She was still doubting if she would go to Sungmin’s party. She knew that she would not fit in. But because her father and mother convinced her to go, she obeyed.

She just made her birthday present for Sungmin. It was three cupcakes she baked on her friend’s shop.

She sat at the farthest table she could find. She didn’t know anyone, so she decided to go by herself.

“Miss? Why are you alone?” A woman asked her. She was tall and beautiful – any woman would be jealous of her.

“M-Me? I-I don’t know everyone,” she answered truthfully. The woman smiled and sat on the vacant seat facing her.

“So, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Lily. Nice to meet you,” She introduced and offered her hand literally.

“I’m Hanna,” Hanna grabbed Lily’s hand and shook it.

“By any chance, are you related to Sungmin?” Lily asked.

That question made her think. What was her real relationship to Sungmin? She didn’t know either – she didn’t want to say that she was Sungmin’s friend because they just met in the cafeteria and talked for a while. Although her parents already met him, it was still not enough for her to be considered as Sungmin’s friend.

“A-Ah, t-the truth is-”

She did not have the chance to continue when Sungmin already appeared. He was so handsome that night – even more handsome than usual. That made her heart skip a beat.

“Thanks for attending my birthday party. Hope you guys enjoy!” he greeted. The visitors sang a birthday song for him. Hanna and Lily joined in singing.

Lily was so good to her. She joined her through out the night. However, Sungmin did not show himself to her. Because of that, she didn’t have the chance to give him her gift.

“Hi, Lily,” A familiar guy greeted. Hanna and Lily both looked at where the voice came from. “Hi, Hanna.”

Lily stood up and greeted Sungmin, “Min! Happy birthday!”

Hanna avoided to look at Lily who kissed Sungmin’s cheek. She felt hurt.

“Oh, where’s uncle and auntie?”

“Don’t find them anymore, Lily,” said Sungmin. “They are always out of the country, right? But they already gave me a present.”

“You mean the red sports car parked outside?” asked Lily. “Wow! You are so lucky. You wanted it so much, right?”

Sungmin grinned.

Hanna felt so small when she heard Lily and Sungmin laugh and exchange jokes. She did not know about Sungmin as much as Lily did.

Why did she attend Sungmin’s birthday anyway? To embarrass herself? Why was she there at the first place? To live like Cinderella?

“Hanna, are you enjoying the food? Sorry, I did not have the chance to talk to you,” he asked. “Are you somehow enjoying the party?”

She felt kinda insulted. Did he just invite me to feel how a rich kid lives like?

“What is your relationship with Hanna, anyway?” questioned Lily.

“She is my schoolmate.”

Hanna felt that she fell from the peak of the mountain. She thought that Sungmin was treating her kindly because she was special to Sungmin. Why did she kept on pretending that she was somehow special to him?

It’s probably because, Hanna thought, I love him.

She was blinded of Sungmin’s sweet smile. She was blinded of Sungmin’s thoughtfulness. And worst, she was blinded of her love for Sungmin.

“Ah, Sungmin,” Lily stood and said, “I have to go. Happy birthday. Here is my gift for you. I hope you like it.”

Lily approached Sungmin and gave him her gift. It was a gold-plated signature watch.

“Lily, thanks a while ago,” Sungmin mumbled.

Hanna felt that her chest was going to explode because of her hatred to herself and to Sungmin as well. She hid the box of cupcakes on her back, preventing Sungmin to see her little gift.

“Don’t mention it, thanks to you,” Lily replied and smiled. A minute later, Lily was out of their sight.

“A-Ah, Sungmin, I-I have to go too. I said to my parents that I’ll be back in eight in the evening. Happy birthday.”

Hanna turned back so that Sungmin would not notice that she was crying.

“Hanna, wait!” Sungmin stopped her. She stopped walking but she did not turned back to Sungmin. She just let Sungmin to speak.

“Thank you for coming.”

She nodded and walked away. Before she could finally leave the room, she placed Sungmin’s gift to one of the vacant tables. Sungmin saw it and he was about to run after her but the emcee called his name.

“Mr. Sungmin Lee will sing for us,” the emcee informed. A round of applause was heard. He alternately looked at Hanna who was near the door and at the emcee who was calling his name. But later on, he decided to go to the stage. Hanna once again looked back on the stage as her tears fell. Sungmin was looking at her, but because the stage was so far from where she was standing, he could not probably see her crying.

She walked away and before she could reach the door’s handle, Sungmin spoke.

“Thanks to her, for giving me inspiration to continue my life and to love,” he said. “I dedicate this for her.”

She stopped for a while. Seconds later, she pulled the door’s handle and opened the door.

“When you feel it in your body, that you found somebody who makes you change your ways, like hanging with your crew said you act like you’re ready, but you don’t really know, and everything in your past you wanna let it go.”

She exited the room, but she could still hear the voice of her first love. And while walking away, Sungmin’s voice gradually weakened.

“I’ve been there, done it, humped around after all that, this is what I’ve found. Nobody wants to be alone, if you’re touched by the words in this song, then maybe, you got it, you got it bad when you’re on the phone, hang up and you call right back, you got it you got it bad, if you miss a day without your friend your whole life’s off track. Know you got it bad when you’re stuck in the house you don’t wanna have fun, ’cause all you think about you got it bad when you’re out with someone but you keep on thinking ‘bout somebody else you got it bad…”

Sungmin immediately ran down the stage and looked for her, but it was too late. She was already gone.

Chapter 2

AS much as possible, she wouldn’t want to cross Sungmin’s path. Whenever they meet, she would pretend that she would do something important even though Sungmin wanted to talk to her. It must have been hurting her, but she had to keep her distance from Sungmin.

That very night, she went to her father office to fetch him. It was raining hardly.

“Where is father? It’s past eight-”

She smiled when she saw her father going out of the building. He was with someone familiar, and they were both talking happily with each other.

“S-Sungmin?” she mumbled.

“I’ll take you home, Uncle. The rain is pouring hardly,” Sungmin asked the older man.

“You don’t have to, Sir,” said his father, smiling. “Never mind, Hanna will fetch me here.”


“H-Hanna is going here?” He asked. “Then, I’ll go ahead. See you tomorrow.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait for Hanna, Mr. Lee? I understand that you are a busy person. You study and work at the same time. And it’s not right for the son of this company’s owner will take a regular employer home,” her father said.

She covered her mouth. That means, he is the owner of the company where my father works.

She finally concluded everything. When Sungmin went to their house, Sungmin talked to her father and offered him a job. But why? The reason was not important for her anymore. Sungmin kept a secret from her.Sungmin made her and her family believe that he was good and kindhearted, making a fool out of them. But why and for what?

Sungmin deceived her and her family. That was enough to hate him.

She closed her fist tightly and approached the two. When Sungmin saw her eyes raging, he was shocked.


He was more surprised when Hanna slapped him. Hanna’s father was also shocked.

“Hanna! Why did you hurt hi-”

“It’s okay, uncle. Please leave us for a while,” requested Sungmin.

Hanna’s father doubtingly left the two.


“Don’t explain. It’s clear to me now,” Hanna said and smirked. “I don’t know why I treated you and everyone around you an angel. I must admit that I fell into you charms. But you are worse than a devil!”

“Hanna, you got it all wrong,” Sungmin said calmly. “I know that someday you’ll find out about everything. And I was ready for it. I am not treating you and your family lowly-”

“But that’s what you are showing me! I thought you were good because you were the only one who treated me special. But I never thought that there was a reason behind it. Why? Why are you doing this to us? If you thought I’ll be happy because you helped me, well, you made a hilarious mistake.”

“I did just because I don’t want you to suffer, for heaven’s sake!”

Hanna froze.

“What I did is what I know the best for you,” Sungmin explained. “Everytime I see you suffer, I am also hurting. I pity you-”

“So that means, you really treating me lowly,” hissed Hanna. “I can work twenty-four-seven for my family. So please don’t treat me like this, Sungmin. I can do it because I believe myself.”

Then there was silence. A deafening silence.

Hanna broke the silence. “I don’t know why you’re doing this but, without anyone’s help, without someone like you-”

Sungmin grabbed Hanna’s arms, pulled her into his embrace and kissed her. Surprised, Hanna’s umbrella fell.

It was her first kiss with the first man she loved.

“I want to confess my feelings for you. Then I had that chance – to get close to you. But before that time, I was already looking at you from afar, and before I knew it, I fell for you.

“You’re pure and kind. Even if you were insulted, you ignored them. I know you are doing everything for your family. I could not help you, so I think of ways how to help you.

“I accepted my parents proposition – to work at our company. I sacrificed to help your parents find jobs. Please, don’t be mad at me. I love you.”

Hanna didn’t know how to react.

But still…

“Don’t cry,” He said while wiping her tears. “I’m hurt.”

But she removed Sungmin’s hand.

“I don’t know when and how to forgive you,” Hanna whispered and went away.


IT’S been a long time since Sungmin and Hanna talked to each other. And she must agree, it was so hard for her not to miss him. The truth was, she missed him so much. She has been missing him so bad.

It was already eight in the evening, but she was still there – alone in the classroom. But then, she saw a fireworks display outside.

“I-It’s beautiful,” Hanna murmured. She went near the window to see the fireworks clearly. She looked down and saw Sungmin looking at her.

He had bouquet of roses on his hand, and around him were different kinds of flower forming a sentence.

I’m sorry. I love you, Hanna.

She teared. Now, she must admit, she could not resist it any longer. She wanted to hug Sungmin at that very moment and tell him the truth – that she loved him.

She immediately went down to talk to him.

“Sungmin!” she shouted as she stopped seven feet far from him. “I’m sorry! I did not give you a chance to believe what you said. I had been so selfish! I’m sorry for being narrowminded! But I know that my heart is wide to love you! – L – O – V – E – Y – O – U more!”

And before she knew it, Sungmin was already there and he kissed her. All the people around watching clapped.

“Now, you told me you love me more, so I’m so disappointed,” said Sungmin after ending the kiss.

“W-Why? Don’t you love me anymore?” tanong ni Hanna. “You’re ly-”

“Let me finish first,” said Sungmin. “I’m disappointed because I want to prove you that I love you more. So, you must stay by my side until then.

“Hanna,” sabi ni Sungmin at naglabas ng singsing. “Will you marry me?”

She smiled. Without a doubt, she shouted, “Yes!”

Sungmin smiled. No one could ever explain how happy he felt.

“How did you become so sure that I will accept your proposal?” asked Hanna.

“I know that because our hearts are connected. We know how our hearts beat for each other.”

After graduating, they got married. And it all ended when Sungmin kissed his wife as a seal for their vow.


“YOU have a healthy baby boy!”

They were so happy when Hanna gave birth to her son, Leeteuk. They named them Leeteuk because he was like a special angel given by God.


HANNA smiled as she remember her ans Sungmin’s past. Sungmin was beside her that time, and he was lifting their son.

“I’m sorry to make you suffer a lot, Sungmin,” Hanna cried as she said. Because of an accident, her body was paralyzed, the reason why her heartbeat slowed down.

“Don’t say that, Hanna. I never thought that you made me suffer. I love you and I promise that I will love you until my life is already over.”

Hanna smiled when Sungmin wiped her tears.

“I-I know,” she said. “I can remember the good and bad times of our past. The time when we first met, the time we-”

“Ssh, don’t speak anymore” Sungmin murmured as he moved his face beside his wife’s face. He wanted to cry, but he must not.

“I know that anytime, I will die. So please take care of Leeteuk,” she requested.

“Y-You will not go, Hanna. You will stay by my side, right?” Sungmin couldn’t take it any longer. His eyes were blurry because of his tears. Hanna insisted to lift her had to wipe Sungmin’s tears.

Hanna smiled as Sungmin held her hand. She also held her baby’s hand.

“I love you. I am very happy that I met and loved you, Sungmin. I am happy that we were blessed with an angel,” Hanna mumbled. “I am happy that I held your hand b-before-”

Memories went back as fast as the speed of light to Hanna. Too many of them that she could no longer know where they belong – to the happy times, to the bad times or to the painful times. Until everything turns to white, her hand fell down.

Sungmin let go of the tears that he was keeping up till then.

Sungmin saw Leeteuk smiled in that time of sadness. He thought that his mother was playing with Leeteuk. He knew Hanna was there, always there, watching over them.

“I love you,” he said as he kissed her wife on his forehead.


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