(FF) Can We Just Stop and Talk a While

A songfic I wrote in Sj-World… hehe… It’s finished… a one-shot fic…


Here I am again. Writing a fic again…

Title: Can We Just Stop and Talk A While?
Author: immortalsoul123
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Life
Rating: G
Kind: Songfic
Title of the Song: Can We Just Stop and Talk a While – Kyla and Gary Valenciano
Notes: You can listen to the song here.

Sorry if it is so long… hehe. I really like this song so much. There will be two POV’s, one for the girl, one for a Super Junior member of your choice.
SO THIS FIC IS CHOOSE YOU SJ MEMBER. But since… I’m Leeteuk biased… Or, should I make it Kyu again? LOL. And woah. Sorry for randomly writing any one-shot fics… Hehe. And, additional: it’s my first songfic..hehe. The song lyrics are written in red and italicized. Italicized sentences and paragraphs are either written by the person’s POV or flashbacks.
Warnings: No warnings. Just purely imagination.
Lastly, ENJOY!


Your chosen SJ member’s POV

Fancy meeting you alone in the crowd
Couldn’t help but notice your smile

“So what’s your name?”

I looked at the person standing in front of me. I was very busy smiling in front of everyone, though I was really tired because of full of schedule. In the morning, we had a shooting for a new music video. In the afternoon, a variety show filming. After three in the afternoon, a fansigning event and practice for our concert at night. And this night, the concert afterparty and another fansigning event.

She gave me her name, but I still didn’t write it. I looked at her, astonished. She was smiling sweetly. The smile that I haven’t seen before, the kind of smile that made my heart stop a beat for a while.

I blinked when I got back to the real world. I felt embarassed and I coughed intentionally. She was still smiling.

“I-I’m sorry. What’s your name again?”

She repeated it. This time, I looked down our poster and album and signed them with her name and my signature. I also wrote my message to her:

“Nice meeting you. You have a nice smile. Wish to see you again in the future! Keep supporting Super Junior!”

Honestly, when I saw her earlier talking to her friends while I was performing, I immediately noticed her. She had stood out among everyone.

It’s my first time to see a woman like her. Yes, I have met beautiful and talented women before, whether they are my co-artists or ordinary people. But there something in her that made her different.

“Thank you for this. You gave an awesome performance. Keep it up!”

When she was about to turn around, I stopped her.

“Is there a chance to meet you again? Talk or something?”

She smiled, again. She said, “Yes, I believe we will see each other again. If fate let us, we will. Goodbye.”

Hoping to see her again, that’s my wish. I hope fate really let us.

While everybody else around us is going about
Can we just stop and talk awhile?


Your POV

I’ve been often told our world’s growing old
And that friends are harder to find

At my age, I have been really dying hard to find happiness. I have faith that someday that I’ll find one. And that, I felt it with him.

I have been into Super Junior for four years now. I started to like them because of my friend who happened to be their fan introduced me to them. SInce then, I started to like Super Junior and KPOP. All of which were my life.

And growing old was not as good as it seemed. I felt that I’m trying to break my connection with them. I am not a teenager anymore. I am a real grown-up. But, I think it would not be easy for me. I have loved them since I was on my high school days.

I have been asking myself, when would I stop loving them? I think, the answer is I’ll not stop. I’ll be their forever fan.

It was a dream come true to meet someone like him. He’s my most favorite member in Super Junior. So, I chose to get his autograph. I felt that there is something unique about him. I didn’t know. But I guess it would remain a secret forever until the end of time. All I knew is that I like him. He’s my ideal best friend.
Or more.

I tried to pretend as a cool person. I smiled because I had a chance to meet him in person. Finally! Wow, one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. And he asked me if we could meet again. I wish I was not dreaming that time.

And yes, fate would decide.


Your chosen SJ member’s POV

Do tell me more about yourself
We could share a thought or two
Now who would mind?

“Small world, eh?”

I was in vacation for a week. I left out-of-town to relax. Although I would like to be with my friends, and my members, I chose to be alone.

But, what’s this? Was fate on my side? Was it her?

I confirmed her name, and yes, it was really her.

She was drinking in a coffee shop when I saw her. I smiled, literally. It was her. I thought I would never see her again. Really a small world, eh.

She looked at me and when she noticed me, she smiled. Oh, I missed that lovely smile of hers. “Yeah, really small world,” she answered.

I thought she would squeal because I sat on the same table. But no, she was just smiling and she was so nervous, I could tell. I was too.

“Wow, I think fate really let us meet again,” I said, smiling at her. “I’m happy to see you here. Are you living here?”

She nodded before speaking, “Yes, I live in this place. Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I laughed. She was not awkward. It was really fun to be with her even though I’m an artist and she is an ordinary person. I guess it would be really easy to befriend her. We could get to know each other, as friends. Besides, I’m a tourist here in her country. She could take me to a tour, if she is not busy at all. I guess too, that no one would mind if we become friends.

We shared a lot of things about us. Many things to discover about each one of us. I haven’t been too cool and casual with a person who was not related to me. She opens a conversation and it was not boring for me. Maybe because, she was a fan of mine. But far from it, she really have the guts to speak to me.
I felt comfortable with her. We had the same interests, and all that.

“So, how did you find out about Super Junior?” I asked her.

“My friend told me about you, so when I saw all of you, I started to become a fan of yours,” she said in reply. “I like ballad, which was not mostly your music, but it just felt so good to hear your music. I’m not into what genre you sing and I didn’t even understand the lyrics, but the music spoke for itself. I got addicted, suddenly.”

I just nodded.

“You know, I really liked that way you treat each other as brothers. At first, I thought it was all acting, but you proved that it was not. I liked your group for that,” she said. She sipped a little Starbucks Vanilla Frappucino. I looked outside the huge glass window and observed the whole place. This city is so great. I would love to travel with her.

“I’m glad that you still believe in us until now,” I said as I sipped Toffee Nut I ordered before sitting. “It would be my pleasure to be your friend.”

“You know, they say that when a person grows older, the harder for him to find a nice and true friend. But I guess I found it on you,” she praised. I just felt my cheeks blush a little.

“Thank you,” I said as a sign of gratitude. “Are you free this Saturday?”

She looked at me puzzled, but I didn’t see any anticipation. It was like a pure business for us. I hope she really meant that she wanted me to become her friend.

She then answered, “Yes, I have no appointments. Why?”

“Can I ask a favor?”

“Only if I can do it,” she said while giggling. I found it so adorable.

“Can you tour me in outside the city? I mean, the city is good, but I wanted to see more,” I explained. “I will drive.”


Your POV

Maybe then we could go for a ride
Drive down to the countryside
Get away from the gray
And frenzied hurly-burly of the city life

“Oh! I miss Korea!”

I laughed when he said that. He was really enjoying this joyride.

I accepted his favor to tour him around the city, even outside the city. I showed him our infamous seas and fields. It was enjoyable, yet a memorable experience. Riding with a man that you like was a great experience. But at the same time, I was asking, why me?

We opened his car’s window and felt the fresh air touching our skin and making our hair dance.

“Sometimes, it’s good to stay out from the city life and live to country life. The air is so fresh!” he shouted.

“Of course, sometimes cities add in our stress, because of the pollution and work,” I answered.

“Next time, I would go with my members here. I’ll show them that this is really beautiful country,” he said. “They would surely love this place. By the way, thank you for accompanying me.”

“It’s okay, I am glad to accompany you.”

We tour around the city, and the best part was, we ended the day by watching the sunset.

“Ahm, can I ask you something?” he said. When I nodded, he continued, “Do you have a lover now? I mean… boyfriend or anything?”

I was shocked. I looked at him and looked cool as much as it’s enough. I pretended not to be surprised with his question, but I failed.

“A-Ah, n-no,” I answered. I didn’t know, but I saw him breathe deeply. “I don’t have any. How about you? D-
Do you have any person in your heart right now?”

I didn’t know why I asked like that. I knew that it was not okay to ask him like that because as an artist, he had to protect his image. And, who am I to ask him that question?

But in my surprise, he answered, “Aside from Super Junior, there is no one right now. Although I have a crush on many artists, I still don’t find love.”

I sighed. “Oh. Is that it? I see.”

Something ached in my heart. The real reason why I haven’t got any boyfriends yet, though many guys courted me before, was I was waiting and looking for someone like him. He was my ideal man. Or if I would be given a chance, which is now, I would say that I really like him a lot. I am still waiting to cross our paths again.

“Maybe you are wondering why did I say everything to you,” he said, “It’s because… You are my friend.”

It was very nice to hear. At least he treated me as a friend.


Early yet to say what lies ahead
It’s the first day of the rest of our lives

What if I fall for him for real? What would be othe people’s reaction? I am just an ordinary girl, meeting the man of my dreams. It’s too early to say that it’s not going to work.

I was quiet all through out our journey back to the heart of the city. He was not saying anything at all too.
Maybe this is the last day to see him because he’s moving out the country to go back home two days after today.

We were listening to the music. Sweet music. He enjoyed listening to the locals, he admitted it to me. But
he would also love to listen to our songs.

When we arrived at home, he bid goodbye and said he enjoyed being with me.

“Me too. Goodnight! Bye!”


Your chosen SJ member’s POV

Can we just stop and talk awhile
Get to know each other
Who are we to know?

That was one of the greatest day of my life. I knew her, I talked with her. We toured around her city.

I got to know her personally. I really liked it. Maybe we could see each other again tomorrow, if she would not mind.

The next day, I planned to fetch her home, but someone said that she already went to school so I went there to find her.

I have been asking myself. Why was it very important for me to see her everyday during my stay here? Yes, I liked her. I really like her.

I put on my black shades and white cap to make sure no one could recognize me. I went down my rented car and waited on the bench near her gate.

And after thirty minutes, I saw her walking out from the main campus door with a guy. Gosh, am I jealous?
The guy was tall and handsome. And she was laughing with him.

I thought that smile only belongs to me?

I called her attention and approached her. She seemed so surprised when she saw me. She looked on he guy beside her who seemed to recognize me.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, confused and nervous.

I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “Ah, I just want to invite you to dinner.”

The guy beside her smiled and seemed to enjoy the scene. She whispered to me, “Many could see you here. There were many fans here.”

I just smiled and told her it was okay. I just could sign their autographs.

“Hi, I’m her friend,” the guy told me. “Nice to meet you.”

I smiled to him and offered him my hand. I introduced myself, but apparently, he knew me. “Nice to meet you too.”

I was really jealous at him!

“Ahm, let’s just talk on other place. Many could recognize you,” she said, worrying. She looked to her friend and said, “I’ll be home later, okay? Tell mom.”

He nodded.

“Let’s go-”

“Look! It’s a member of Super Junior!”

Gosh. I’m dead. I felt I had to act fast before someone knew that I was a Super Junior member . And yet, I was there to fetch a girl.

What to do? Oh right.

I grabbed her hand and we ran away towards the car.

It’s too late when I noticed that it was more hideous to ran away like that. She could be in danger because of papparazi.

These would be a big news for sure. A scandal.

And I didn’t want her to be in danger because of me. I’m so stupid.

“I-I’m sorry,” I apologized when we were completely away from the school. I was driving a little fast. “I didn’t think properly. I’m really-”

“Don’t be. I will be okay, don’t worry,” she said.

We went to a restaurant to eat. I didn’t put away my glasses and cap still. Something might happen again.

We ordered something to eat and drink, then I took her home again after a talk. And when I said that I would be leaving in two days, she was so sad. She said that she would miss me. I would miss her too.

“Tomorrow is my last day here. Can you acompany me in buying gifts for my members?”

She said, “I would love too.”

And there, we ended our last two days.


Your POV

Love could be waiting at the end
‘Round that bend and so
Let’s stop and talk awhile

The afternoon the next day, he fetched me and drove to the nearest native gift shops. I was not used to go to gift shops because I usually don’t buy gifts, so I searched the Internet to find good gift shops here in my country.

We went to a marketplace, where cheap but good quality gifts were available. Upon touring the whole marketplace, we found the gifts that we were looking for.

“This one is for him. He would like this,” he said while observing a mini jar. “And this too!”
He was very excited to see his co-members. I was happy too, but deep inside I wanted him to stay. He became a part of my life. He was before, but it grew bigger this time.

I would cherish all these memories. For a week I got to know him better. I got to like him more. I got to…

I just felt my tears falling. He noticed it because I was being quiet all the time. He wiped my tears and hugged me – in my shock. I cried harder that time and hugged him back.

“I will be back, I promise.”

“I know you will.”

“Are you going to miss me?”

“No,” I answered.


“Because I will always search the Internet about you, so I would not miss anything about you,” I said, laughing while crying. I am really crazy. He laughed as well and let go of me.

“Okay,” he said and got a necklace from the paper bag. He bought it a while ago. He put the necklace
around my neck. “I got a remembrance for you. A keepsake. Be careful not to lose it okay?”

I smiled and held the necklace, “I promise. I have a gift for you too. Is it okay?”

“What? I haven’t seen you buy somethi-”

I kissed him on his cheek, “I think it would be better. Sorry if I just did that.”

He blushed. He was so cute when his cheeks turned red. “It’s alright. I think that one will never disappear.”
We laughed and holding hands, we walked together.

Can we just stop and talk awhile
Get to know each other
Who are we to know?


Your chosen SJ member’s POV

I was shocked when I got a call from my manager, and he told me that I was on every news – about me and her. I knew it would come to this point.

So, without saying goodbyes to her, I went back to Korea a day earlier. It was the biggest mistake I have ever done. I bet she was so angry at me for not saying goodbyes to her. What would she say?

I liked her – no, I love her now. I wanted her to live peacefully. And I would be a big mistake in her life. And I knew, if we would not see each other, everything would be fine.

But I didn’t think it’s fine.

I became so depressed. We had to cover everything up – that I was not with her that time. What would she say to me? She knew everything that was happening.

I tried to call her, but no one answered. She must be really angry about these scandals.

I wanted to say sorry to her. But how?

“I’m so weak!” I shouted to every members when we had a meeting. “I love her! I don’t want to pretend that I didn’t know her! I-”

I cried. I cried to ease my pain. But nothing happened. My co-members tried to comfort me, but it only
helped a little.

There was only one way to make things better for us.


Your POV

I searched and searched, and found that he was involved in a scandal – with me. With that, my life had not become quiet after that. But I am not mad at him. I guess it was my fault as well. I fell for him, and I did a big mistake. I was an idiot. He must have been mad at me right now. I made his life miserable.

I changed my number and went away from where I was living in. I found a good place to stay – away from everything. Away from him. My parents knew about it, and they were so sad when they knew that I would leave our house.

He must have been calling me because he was really mad at me. Thinking of it just pained me.
I am not th rightful woman for him. From this time on, I will stop from loving him. And the best way is to stop looking for him.


Three months have passed. Still, I’m not successful from forgetting all about him.

I walked down the street to relax and unwind.

I was looking down the ground so I didn’t know that I bumped into a guy. I said sorry and moved in another direction but he blocked my way. I moved again, but he did the same thing.

I got irritated, so I looked up.

My heart beat faster.

It’s him.

Or am I dreaming?

Silly me, seeing things.

But when I blinked three times, I confirmed that it was him. It was really him.

What is he doing here?

“Hi, long time no see,” he said. He smiled. I blushed.

“H-Hi,” I greeted shyly. “How are you?”

“Great,” he said. “I have been doing stuff and all. We were preparing for our tenth album for our eighth anniversary. And I went here for vacation. This time, I went with other members as well.”

I got excited. But what for? “Oh, I see.”

“So you haven’t been reading news lately, huh?” He asked. He was eager to know. But why? Is there something that he did that I didn’t know? “I found my girl already. Everyone approved of it. I hope you also apporved of it.”

Shocks. My heart was aching – literally. Why should I act like that? It’s normal for him to find his happiness. I am very happy. I… really am.

“Why would I not?” I said, my voice was stattering. “I-I am h-happy for you. So when will I meet her?”

He smiled, “Today. She is with me right now.”

Love could be waiting at the end
‘Round that bend and so


Your chosen SJ member’s POV

“The truth is,” I said without hesitating, “I knew her. I did meet her in that country. I’m sorry everyone for lying. I was wrong. It has been hurting me a lot. I love her.”

Everyone was really shocked upon hearing what I said. I was crying. If I have to sacrifice for the one I love, let it happen. I will not hesitate anymore.

“I believe it’s the right time for me to find my happiness with her. I want to marry me, if that’s okay with you. I hope it is.”

Our fans showed ther support. They were very happy for me. I was happy too because of that. The management supported me too, other artists too were there to support me. They said that it is still okay for me to continue to work for them, and as a member of Super Junior.

Everyone clapped and cheered. I hope she would know about this.

“All I have to do now, is to find her,” I said, “and accept me again.”

I went back in her country to search for her. When I went to their house, her parents said that she left. But I
cleared everything that I have good intentions with her daughter. They said her location, but not the exact place. I understood. I have to find her with my own strength.

And now that I find her, what I only wish is for her to accept me again, as I promised to everyone.

“So, let’s meet the others.”

Let’s stop and talk awhile
Let’s stop and talk awhile
Let’s stop and talk awhile

I hugged her. I missed her so much.

“I love you. Let’s not separate again, okay? I want to marry you, if it is okay with you?” I said, but I think, it’s not right. Wait! It’s really not! I put out a ring on my pocket, knelt down and asked her again, “I love you. Will you marry me?”


Your POV

It has been late when I realized that he was talking about me – as the one he loves. I was so happy that I cried.

“W-Wait, I’ll think about it,” I said.

“I’ll not stand unless you will accept me back again and marry me,” he said.

I smiled as I pulled him up. “Hey! Stand up, people are looking at you.”

“And so?” He said and made him go back to kneeling.

“Okay. Yes. I will! I love you too.”

At last, he stood up and put the ring on my finger. I’m officially his now.

And I love to be his.

He hugged me and kissed me. The people around us clapped so hard. The other members went out and clapped as well.

“We are happy for you!”


Your chosen SJ member’s POV

“Do you accept her as your wife and promise to love her forever?” The priest asked. I looked at her. She smiled as she looked at me.

I answered, “Yes, I do.”

Baby, it’s you

“And you, do you accept him as your husband and promise to love him forever?” The priest asked her.
And she answered, “Yes, I do.”

Yes it’s you

“Congratulations. You are now officially married. You may kiss the bride.”
We kissed, as the sign of our love.

It’s started with a talk.

And it will end with a talk – a lifetime talk with her.

Let’s stop and talk awhile



How was it? Did you enjoy? Comment please 😀


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