Siwon was Offered to Act the Lead Role in “Oh My Lady”

Super Junior’s Siwon has received the offer for the main role in SBS new Monday-Tuesday drama “Oh my lady”. Siwon’s character is a handsome top star named Sung Minwoo. There is a sudden twist in Minwoo’s life and he has to live together with an ahjumma manager Yoon Kyehwa (Chaerim). The drama will be aired begin from March 15th, after “Wish upon the stars/Stars falling form the sky”.

A person from SBS said “Chaerim & Choi Siwon are strong candidates but we havent signed contracts or started filming yet”. Siwon’s management company SM said “We have received the offer for the drama but we’re in the middle of reviewing it so we cant confirm anything yet”.

original articles here , here, here
translated by
may take out with full credits


Mukyah~ What the heck~It will be a great hit if Siwon accepts it! It’s a big project… A time for him to shine more… Gosh, I’m getting excited…
And wait… Chaerim… was she from All About Eve and Dalja’s Spring?<— Oh she is! She's pretty! I like her too.


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