Shindong Confessed to Narsha

Shin Dong’s confession to Narsha “I like noona!”

On the episode of Star Golden Bell that aired on 23rd January, Shin Dong of Super Junior revealed his and Narsha’s hidden camera incident.

Host Jeon Hyun Mu asked Shin Dong, “What incident made Shin Dong uncomfortable because of Narsha’s sentiments?”

Shin Dong replied, ” When I saw internet article and pictures from her past, I used my handphone to take pictures of it and sent it to her as a joke.”

However, Narsha immediately called back, furiously saying “Ya! Is this fun to you?” She hung up, and Shin Dong was left shocked. Immediately, he sent ” I knew noona could take jokes” and “I like noona!” While saying this, he clarified that this was not a confession to her, causing the other guests to laugh.

A few mintues later Shin Dong received another call and he apologised ” Noona I’m sorry”. Narsha then shouted loudly, “Till now, it’s been hidden camera!” This confession that leaves one speechless caused continued laughter amongst the guests.

This episode will air on the 23rd at 5:15PM.

original article from newsen
chinese trans
translations from chinese and korean by


Ahaha… Poor Shindong. Nevertheless, still cute 😀

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