Hankyung Not Present in Concert; Fans Still Gave Support

The 2nd Asia Tour has just ended in Beijing, and because of HanGeng’s contract issues, KangIn’s hiatus and Kibum’s acting commitments, there were only 10 members on stage, performing their songs, like [Sorry Sorry], and also solo performances. However, the fans off stage were shouting “HanGeng, KangIn and KiBum”, while some fans cried.

This is SJ’s first concert in Beijing, and also the first concert that HanGeng was not present. Because of that, there were changes made in the concert, like HanGeng’s solo performance being cancelled, SJ-M singing with only 6 members. Furthermore, the original dance battle that was supposed to consist of EunHyuk, ShinDong, HanGeng was changed to EunHyuk, ShinDong, DongHae and Sungmin. The VCR that was also shown on the big screen also went through changes as well, with most of HanGeng’s scenes being edited out.

Although HanGeng wasn’t present, fans still came to give their support. Not only was the place filled with “HanGeng” fansigns, the fans also chanted “HanGeng” before the concert, as well as those members that weren’t present. On the VCR, as long as there were scenes with HanGeng, there would be screams of “HanGeng”. And when it was the end of the show, while one side shouted “encore”, the other would chant “HanGeng”. One of HanGeng’s fan said, when she saw the dance battle, she was really upset, because that familiar person that was supposed to be there, has been changed.

translated by: Iunny-@sj.world.net
shoutout by one_love@sj.world.net
take out with credits.


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