(RP-6?) :(

I’m sorry, I don’t know how many are my random posts. Haha. Basta, this is the latest. Hehe.

This is my last RANDOM Post in this account because hanminteuk and I decided to use her account (Influenza S1JJ3 Virus, under Diary category, ANIRAZCANA sub-category) for diary and thoughts about everything… About our personal lives…

I just want to share this to you before I completely indulge myself into studying Obligation and Contracts for our TEST tomorrow. Haha.

Anyway, this is what I feel for today.

I’m sad because I feel that my parents do not give the same trust to me anymore. Come on, I haven’t done so many things to disappoint them. Yes, I did some but they were only light things. I don’t drink, smoke, go with bad peers, date with someone they don’t like, etc.

Okay. I am changing…

Why? They are accusing me of doing things I didn’t really do. They were always suspicious about my ways and the things I do. Why? Why should they be like that?

I’m not angry to them or something… I just don’t get it. I obey all their commands… But don’t get me wrong. I still love them because they are the greatest parent a child can have. I completely understand that they don’t want me to grow bad. They are doing this for me.

Tomorrow is another day. Go, go, go!


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