Sukira Transcripts – November 6 – 12

Kinda old… but still worth reading (mostly during eating Tomi… LOL)

091106 It’s our fourth anniversary
Leeteuk: A lot of people sent congratulatory messages today
Eunhyuk: En, really thank you to everyone for this thought
Leeteuk: PD congratulated us too. November 6th 2005 was a Sunday, we debuted with ‘Twins’. Eunhyuk do you still remember the situation that day?
Eunhyuk: Can’t remember the details, only remember that a lot of people came; our first time on stage (so we were) very nervous, but still more than a thousand fans came. I was shocked, and very happy at the same time. Still remember that our parents came to congratulate (us), (and) the scene of everyone hugging and crying after getting off the stage
Eeteuk: En, everyone cried
Eunhyuk: After going home watched our performance repeatedly a lot of times, almost memorized every scenario, even remember the singer going on stage after us
Eeteuk: Who was it?
Eunhyuk: Jang Yoon Jung’s ‘Kkot’. Every video’s clips will have the end remaining, I even memorized this before, really watched it a lot of times
Eeteuk: For such a long time our love for everybody, it’s really not easy, we survived nicely. We will continue to work hard, (to) become the most fabulous singers
Eunhyuk: Really a lot of things happened over these four years, hope that we can always be together for the remaining time from now onwards
Eeteuk: Debuted for four years, Sukira has launched for three years and two months, it’s really a long time, hopefully is able to go even further
Eunhyuk: It’s still short, there’s longer road, our hearts are as if we’re new-comers
Eeteuk: Only three-four years

091107 The car accident
Eeteuk: When I had an accident three years ago, our Sukira crew members went to visit me. At that time my waist and eye was injured, while lying down there was no way for me to sit up and greet them. They gave me a mini radio, but my hospital room was on the 21st floor, can’t receive radio signals at all. They were even worried that I’m bored and gave me a very popular classical record, but there’s only a record and no record player how can anyone listen, that record is still placed in my room
Eunhyuk: At that time compared to the other members our injuries were lighter. After a few days we were fully recovered, the manager who came to visit us said, “Wow this bed looks to be not bad, hyung me will lie on it” in the end he really did lie on it, even made us pour him water and all…”
Eeteuk: If I’m sick (I) hope that Lee Sooman sonsaengnim will come visit me. Because that time Kyuhyun’s injury was very serious, when he came visit me (he) only said “En(,) good” and left…(it’s) so sad

091107 Baby plans
Eeteuk: Sometimes when I see pregnant women I’ll think, if I’m married, when my wife is pregnant, what I should do
Eunhyuk: I will definitely create the best environment
Eeteuk: What kind?
Eunhyuk: Color of the wallpaper…what…these things, change all to suitable for pregnant woman. And also the colors and music that are good for the baby (these kind of stuff)
Eeteuk: Then what if she suddenly wanted to eat hobbang* during Summer?
Eunhyuk: Hobbang can be bought, buy the frozen ones…
Eeteuk: You’ll let her eat frozen ones?
Eunhyuk: Go home and steam…Don’t (we) eat it like that
Eeteuk: What if she said she wants to eat those (sold) in convinence stores?
Eunhyuk: Just go buy will do, at the convinence store. There should be some left in the hobbang steamer
Eeteuk: Move the steamer back home then
Eunhyuk: En, there should have
Eeteuk: The first child (do) you hope to be a daughter or a son?
Eunhyuk: If gonna have two it’ll be better if the first child is a girl. Having a noona is quite good.
Eeteuk: Why? (Are you) favouring boys to girls?
Eunhyuk: No no…When the child grows up, the son will be closer to the father
Eeteuk: What about your wife then? She’ll want a daughter
Eunhyuk: Find a good girl friend will do
Eeteuk: I’m prepared to have two to three (children), one definitely won’t do. Order of boy and girl will discuss with my wife, respect her opinions
Eunhyuk: It’s not that two people discuss and will be fulfilled…
Eeteuk: I will cast a spell, definitely will come true

* – steamed buns sold only during Winter in convinence stores

091109 Eeteuk’s Ring Ding Dong
Eunhyuk: Eeteuk your (version of) Ring Ding Dong yesterday(,) is there any tips?
Eeteuk: No tips. SHINee’s Jonghyun had H1N1, our Yesung replaced him for one show. After that Onew had (H1N1) too, company gave me a call and let me replace (Onew) for one show. Once I agreed I began to worry, they’re my hoobae dongsaengs…
Eunhyuk: Yeah, if you mess up it will be very embarassing in front of dongsaengs
Eeteuk: The thought of getting attacked by fans if done a bad job, will start to worry. Early in the morning they ask me to go for dance practice, so I went. For the first time I have to be serious in front of dongsaengs to learn the dance, really don’t wish to show the hardworking appearance
Eunhyuk: Yeah, as hyung will want to show the cool appearance
Eeteuk: Want to let them know that hyung me* can dance without any practicing
Eunhyuk: Hyung me* has been around for so many years this dance is nothing to me
Eeteuk: You can understand this kind of feelings right?
Eunhyuk: It’s the kind that really wants to show off
Eeteuk: So I watched them dance at the side, “Dancing this way will do? Okay(,) I know (how)
Eunhyuk: The Eeteuk who can’t even remember our dance…
Eeteuk: These few kids said, “Hyung we’ll dance one more time, you look at it properly”, then they let me danced once; I said, “You’re all too tired, go back and rest” After that I returned to the dorm, wasn’t able to sleep no matter what, I’ll be done for if I make any mistakes. So in the middle of the night I looked for clips on the net listen to the music and practiced the dance alone.
Eunhyuk: Really humiliating
Eeteuk: When showering also Ring Ding Dong. Went to the site in the morning of the second day, during rehearsals in the morning I was really a disgrace, until then (I’m) unwilling to show a very serious look.
Eunhyuk: Of course a disgrace for not dancing it well
Eeteuk: During rehearsal as a hyung want to show a disdain look, (but) the kids said, “Hyung, your dance isn’t it not too confident?” I said, “Hyung me* danced it very well, no need to worry” During the actual ‘live broadcast’ I still performed quite well
Eunhyuk: Who said (that), where, the dance was too funny, your presence itself is very funny on that stage
Eeteuk: That’s right, let’s not talk about this topic
Eunhyuk: Anyway you’ve worked hard

* – referring to himself

Source: Kiss The Radio
Original translation: Kim Seohye Cyworld
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May take out with FULL credit but DO NOT add your own; No translating to other languages


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