Hankyung as Runner Up fpr 2009 Asia’s Most Popular Korean Artist

Hangeng emerged runner up Asia Most Popular Korean Artiste

Recently, with undisputable votes, Hangeng emerged as the runner up for 2009 Asia Most Popular Korean Artiste. With regards to this lad who came from Hei Long Jiang*, China, he put in a lot of effort in his hard work and tears before his debut to now. Since his participation in 2001 “H.O.T. China Audition Casting, Hangeng showed his unique style of dancing as well as his charm at that time, also his charismatic appearance caused to Korean Judges to exclaim in admiration. His fans evaluated Hangeng as “… a supposed idol is like the role model in the society, his every action will become the people’s example. Hangeng, a man who came from China, had put in a lot of effort, tolerating all the pain he had suffered. When he went to Korea to develop, he constantly remember his own country, and whenever there is disaster he would shed his tears of sympathy, at the same time showing respect and donating. He not only advocated the society to donate generously to the people in need, he also practiced what he had preached. Being a fan of his we were also influenced by him and hence establishing charity organisation, donating cash and clothes, helping the weaker groups of the society, if to question such a star, how could we not love him? As a Chinese, we must not let down our own conscience, you just need to wave your finger**, understand him, you would then fall in love with him, he definitely is our most popular person in China”

*Hei Long Jiang – pinyin of Hangeng’s hometown
**you just need to wave your finger- poor translation ><

source : 中国少年网综合
translated by Cianra@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits


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