Li Xiaolu Supports Hankyung in Terminating His Contract

Li Xiaolu’s High-Profile Support of Han Geng Terminating His Contract; Romance Nearly Divulged

High-Profile Support of Han Geng Terminating His Contract
Li Xiaolu [ translator’s note: Jacqueline Li / Lulu ] debuted at 16 and has been flying in her career ever since. It is extremely rare for there to be news about her relationships. But last year, there were media that filmed her having a meal with Han Geng, the leader of Korea’s extremely popular group SJ-M and as a result it was the first time that she was referred to as Han Geng’s girlfriend. Even though both parties never admitted it, but the entertainment world is like that, there are no baseless stories. Recently, Han Geng is in the midst of terminating his contract with his Korean company. A time consuming and long lawsuit will be difficult to avoid with this always harsh Korean managing company.

Yesterday, reporters had just mentioned the two words “Han Geng” and Li Xiaolu’s manager hurriedly came over and indicated, “we will not respond to this question”. But, Li Xiaolu still patiently listened to the reporters’ questions and did not avoid it in any way. She appeared to be very willing, but in her expression there was a little shyness in indicating, “support him! Support him in terminating his contract! He wants to be an artiste with his own value!” If not speaking about her rumored boyfriend, then how does she view love and family? Li Xiaolu also indicated, “for me, family is the most important. Love… it should take its own course. I feel that it is also needs to be like friendship, two people need to understand each other and support each other.” Then has she already met such love? Li Xiaolu said with a smile and nodded, “yes!” But continuing on she became aware of something and immediately changed it to “there was!” Then she slowly said again, “currently I cannot place love at number one. This year I hope others don’t write about me without basis, rumors stay faraway from me and there is normal love.”

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