Super Junior Kim Heechul and f(x) Victoria Featured in Trax’s “Let You Go” + MV Teaser

Rock band The TRAX has released their teaser for their new album’s MV “가슴이 차가운 남자” (A cold-hearted man – SM’s official title “Let you go”) on January 21st and especially in this teaser for the MV, we can see the sorrowful & crying acting of Super Junior Heechul & f(x) Victoria.

This teaser with the appearance of Heechul & Victoria are getting many attention from fans. Besides, The TRAX will make their first comeback performance on KBS2TV Music bank on January 22nd.

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may take out with full credits


MV Teaser

credit: sment@youtube


Oh my gosh… *teary-eyed* Victoria and Heechul did a great job eve in the teaser. How much more to the real MV? Heechul is crying… 😦 And what the heck! This song of Trax is so beautiful!


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