Sukira Videos – January 21

credit: SuperTing18@youtube


Aargh, I haven’t watched it. :O I missed it. 😦

Eunhyuk did the rap part so well! Gosh, I wish that he could rap with IU while singing. It would be great! And Leeteuk is smiling (teasing smile…cheering for Hyuk). Aww. He looked really good in black. Aah. I’m dying. Thanks to these clips, my headache lessen.

LOL at the Bo Peep Bo Peep singing… I remembered something this afternoon. LOL. We (hanminteuk and I) were watching the music video (Okay, I know… we are not yet 19). But that’s not the best part. My crush (Eunhyuk-look-alike) was there in the same room. We were laughing and ‘being excited with the video so not minding him and others, we were squealing. Then suddenly… he went near us (he did something behind us).  I was happy that he didn’t see what we were watching. Mwahaha. Oh my gosh. Actually that was a close one… 😛

I’ll never do it again.

4 thoughts on “Sukira Videos – January 21

  1. malay mo, maybe he DID see us. :))

    “I’ll never do it again.”
    ^LOL. Talaga lang ha… :))

    Nga pala, the aircon’s turned on already when he went near us. Maybe it’s just an excuse for him to come near you. yiii! Hahahahahaha!!!
    Pero no joke, naka-open na talaga. Unless maarte lang siya or trip niya lang na kalikutin yung ‘ano’ ng aircon. (don’t know how it’s called. can’t think of the term. nasa dulo ng dila ko)

    • Pucha (Insert citations here, not to be viewed in public, LOL), kinabahan ako sa sinabi mo. Pero, I think iba ang nakita niya… SANA YUNG NAKASULAT NA LANG SA LIKOD NG T-SHIRT KO!

      Kinilig ako :”>… Hihi. Anyway, I know that the aircon was already on when he came near us. But I don’t think it’s the real reason why he came near us, I mean, come on… Kinabahan talaga ako… I knew that you already turned the aircon on dahil tayo ang nauna sa room. Napaisip talaga ako ng bonggang-bongga kung bakit siya lumapit. Yun pa naman… seryoso kapag naglalakd (STALKER MUCH). Nah. Hindi ako lalapitan nun. Haha.

      Or, he was just really curious about what we were watching. Hehe. Halos magtilian kaya tayo na ‘excited’ tayo na mag-load yung video. Haist.

      Or… He just wanted to be near you (naks, kinilig siya… crush mo rin yun di ba? CRUSH LANG. LOL)

      Sana hindi niya ito nababasa. Kundi… patay tayo.. 😛 😐

      Uy, mag-Church Service na tayo next week. As in start… Hehe.

      • sige. next week 😀

        oo, crush ko lang si “Eunhyuk”.
        “Jo Kwon” is my number one. yiii. hahahahahaha!!!!

        kinilig ako hindi sa sinabi mo.
        naisip ko lang, ako nagbukas ng aircon diba?
        OMG. “Eunhyuk” touched that thing I touched! sayang di ko nadilaan. :))


        nga pala, sa “CRUSH LANG” na sinabi mo, I remembered something. :))
        I remembered the one whom you are referring to on your citations.
        “Kyuhyun”. HAHA.
        It’s funny how we have our own “Super Junior members” and other artists as well. 😀 :))

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