Hankyung Said Sorry For His Absence on Super Junior M’s Performance; Overcrowding of Fans Caused Police Arrival

[10/01/18] Hangeng is regretful for being absent at SJ-M’s performance, Dangerous Overcrowding of fans causing police coming to maintain order.

On January 18, 2010, making the world be filled with love, “君和之夜” Miss International Tourism 2010 competition award ceremony, taking place in the Xiang Fan district, was filled with performances from many stars. This took place yesterday (January 17) in Xiang Fan in the Hubei province.

On that day, Super Junior M’s member, Hangeng, was absent from the performances. But the remaining 6 members still brought out ‘Super Girl’ , Blue Tomorrow’, their performance made the atmoshpere boiling hot, the temperature was out of control. This caused hundreds of local police to come and maintain control of the scene.

Translated by: one_love@sj-world.net
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