(RP-6?) Ooh…why?!

I am in need of cash. LOL.

I want to buy a Super VIP ticket, but…it’s too expensive. I’m not that rich. What if I don’t come? Is there any difference? I guess, there would be no difference if I get the gen ad ticket. At least I see them. But…but… I want to see them closer, ahaha.

Bakit ko nga ba masyadong pinoproblema ito. Haist. Ang tagal pa, pero may reservations na kaagad.

Segway, bigla ko lang naalala – Yung skirt ko sa dance! Pagalitan kaya kami bukas? Haha.

I’ll do my best to afford the best for me. LOL. I hope there are people who will give on my birthday. Haha.

And ooh, I’m on semi hiatus, so…  Fighting! Tinatamad akong mag-post ng updates. Bukas na lang… mahaba ang oras.

Wow, halong Taglish. 😛

Will watch SUKIRA first.

And then later, good night.


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