Korea – China Concert Was Postponed Because of Bad Weather

成都维卡数字娱乐有限公司(ChengDu Vicat Digital Entertainment Co.), with likes of Wang Li Hom, Li YuChun, Super Junior M, Cai Yan, Li Yi Feng and other artists, who are suppose to be attending the青春星闪耀之超越巅峰 (Youth Stars to shine beyond the peak) concert, which was to be held on the coming Saturday. But because of weather conditions in the northern areas, event equipments couldn’t be delivered to KunMing on time, resulting in the postponement of the concert to the end of this month.

Present in the concert would be both Korean and Chinese stars; therefore, the organizers are using only Asia’s best audio equipments. Our reporter also got to know that, because of requests from both the artists as well as the fans to further enhance lightings and audio of the concert venue, more work was to be put in from the previous stage. However, due to the sudden change of weather forecast in the northern regions, delay in the delivering of stage equipments and audio equipments, all which the organizers did not expect, it was decided that the concert be postponed.

After knowing about the postponement of concert date, many of those who have already bought their tickets are now worrying if the concert would go as planned. However, the organizers have released a statement yesterday stating that, “Because this concert is for a good cause, we will ensure that all the artists mentioned will turn up and the concert will go as planned.”

original article is here
translated by Iunny-@sj-world.net
thanks yeyebaby for the shout out
may take out with full credits and don’t add in your own credits.


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