(MOD POST) Happy 26th Birthday Kangin!

Oot. It is already 12 am here in the Philippines, January 17,2010, so I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Korea’s no. 1 Handsome Guy Kangin!

Happy 26th Birthday, Kim Youngwoon aka Kangin!

First of all, I want to greet him a happy 26th birthday, 25th here, and like what everyone says, I wish him to have more birthdays to come. I also wish that he would have good health and more blessing.

Thank you for everything you had done, in everything you do and in everything you will do in the future. I hope, although I already now, you still shine. Please be strong in every trials you are facing, in every challenge, because we are all with you, your friends, co-members and family. All of us are supporting you through all the good and bad times. We are also believing in you no mater what.

I believe that everyone is happy to meet you.

Stand up once again. We are all with you in the next years of your life.

Once again, I greet you a happy birthday!

And we shall meet again.


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