(RP-63) Emotional Confusion

I really don’t know how to express my emotions right now. I’m happy because we bought a new laptop – it’s color pink and white… so I’m in TeukMin mood. I’m sad because of the news, that Super Show 2 is going to happen in Manila on April 10. That day is the start of reviewing for finals. I’m excited because I can see Super Junior at last, in person. I’m nervous because I might not be able to reserve tickets or not see them. I am angsty because I can’t express my thoughts tonight. I am pitying those people who were at Haiti. They were devastated by a strong earthquake, that’s why I want to help them and extend my hands to them. I am regretful because I didn’t see the eclipse this afternoon because I was riding a jeep. I am jealous because Eunhyuk found his girl already (I think). I am envious because there are people who can afford VIP tickets which worth P8000.

Ah. What a tough day…

Until now, I’m confused. Will I go or not? Assuming that the news was confirmed? I’m happy to just see them perform together… so it’s okay for me.

I’m emotionally unstable! Aargh. Please help me.

Goodnight. I wish I’ll have a good day tomorrow.


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