Kibum, “I Never Thought of Leaving Super Junior Even for Once”

Kim Kibum has expressed “I never think of quiting Super Junior just for once”.

There was doubt from fans and people in music field if Kibum had some conflict with the company so that he didnt attend the promotion of vol3 “Sorry sorry” with Super Junior . There were also rumors that he quitted Suju and not in a good terms with the other members. Kibum has been absent from Super Junior’s activities begin from first performance of “Sorry sorry” in March until the year-end music award ceremony in December.

Regarding to that problem, Kibum said “I coudlnt attend the promotion because I had to practice for the movie and the play . I think that acting is also one of various field of Super Junior’s activities. I didnt attend the music show doesnt mean I’m not a member of Super Junior”.

He continued with “I know that there are fans who say I dont quit but they’re all scared. Last month when Suju got the daesang award at Golden disk, I has called and talked with the members everyday. I may live away from them but my heart is full with joy more than anyone else”

But Kibum also said he couldnt confirm if he will attend the promotion with Super Junior from now on or not. He said “For now I only consider to attend in play and drama. I will have to talk with the company more to decide whether I will participate in vol4 or do solo activities or just focus on acting for the time being”.

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He looked older than his usual age. O_O
Anyway, I’m glad that he didn’t think of leaving Super Junior.
I’ll confess, I thought about him doing that.
But… yey.
That changes everything πŸ˜›


6 thoughts on “Kibum, “I Never Thought of Leaving Super Junior Even for Once”

  1. I love ALL of the Super Junior’s members equally much.
    There have been tons of rumours splashing all over the net that various members are leaving, for example — HanKyung, KangIn and (the above) KiBum.
    No one can give a specifically accurate answer as to who are the ones leaving.
    So I guess we should just await news which are confirmed — That members speak up on their own on live TV that they are officially quitting or whatsoever.
    Of course that’s something I wouldn’t wanna witness.
    Though I’m not one of their die-hard (die-hard as in I can forgo my sleep 3 days 3 nights to queue for the concert/fansign) fan, I believe that if anyone of the members are leaving. E.L.F (their fanclub) will be in deep disappointment.
    Because even I, just maybe a random admirer of them can feel so, what more the E.L.F(s) who pays like what? USD43 per month to idolize them?
    I’ve just checked out about HanKyung’s latest news ’cause according to latest news, he’s the one most likely to be out of Super Junior and the percentage of that is around 99%.
    Now, news are surfacing that he’s gonna join an entertainment company in China called the EE-Media — But he denies.
    Actually, honestly…
    I do not care if he sues/terminates his contract with that half-fucked SM Entertainment (which more that one of their artiste had sue), ’cause I think they’re somewhat corrupted.
    Yes I do not have any evidence but soon, the Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) is gonna do that on my behalf.
    You must be thinking why am I so cock sure?
    Simply ’cause, not only this dude HanKyung is suing them.
    It is said to be (rumours or not I can’t confirm), that the other members which includes LeeTeuk, YeSung, KangIn, EunHyuk and DongHae are gonna sue SM Entertainment too.
    And wait, that’s not all — Super Junior’s label-mate, DBSK.
    Out of 5 of the DBSK’s members, JaeJoong, JunSu and YooChun are suing them too.
    Now what?
    Do all these dudes have nothing better to do than attacking the agency who talent-scouted them?
    Please. Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, do your job in finding corruptions within SM Entertainment.
    Thank you.

  2. I don’t think it’s right. Yeah, sure, I should be happy that he’s doing what makes him happy, but I’m not. It’s like he’s using Super Junior. He gets to have the name Super Junior’s Kim Kibum for every drama or movie he’s in. What self respecting K-pop lover isn’t going to like something from the famous Super Junior. He’s rejecting his duties as a member of Suju. Sure there are members with other talents like Mc-ing or dancing, but have any of them put that as their first priority over their responsibilities as a member? No! Super Junior is above anything else, a DANCING and SINGING idol group! Nowhere in any description of them do I see acting. And he didn’t join SM to act either. SM is a MUSIC industry and debuts SINGERS and groups. Not actors. It’s not right. He should just quit already and just become actor Kim Kibum and stop leeching off of Super Junior’s popularity. I’m tired of it.

    • Actually, for all intentions and purposes, biases aside, it’s the other way around. Super Junior became popular because of Kibum. He had been in the acting business even before he joined SuJu. He was popular way back then and SuJu was only formed that time. He might signed with SMent because he would help to boost SuJu’s popularity as well. You have a point that Kibum signed for SMent which is a company for singers and dancers and such. But I think you misunderstand one thing. SMent makes you do anything they want you to do, enter this and that, as long as you’re into that company and as long your contract says so.
      And we don’t know his circumstances as of now. What if SMent or any other various things stop him from appearing with SuJu? What if he’s in America right now because of something? What if he’s terribly sick? There are many possibilities. I know that we all want to hear from him… I know that is OUR problem. But Leeteuk himself said and assured that Kibum DID call them whenever they won awards.
      I don’t like his acts as of now, to be honest, but the word ‘leeching’ is not an appropriate term. He is not active in SJ anymore, even in acting.

      P.S. The contract never states that they are restricted to do other things aside from singing and dancing, as long as it earns money and as long as it saves expenses.

      Lastly, NEVER, as in NEVER (You can search) did he use this sentence: “I am SUPER JUNIOR’s Kim Kibum. Please support my upcoming movie.” He solely introduces himself as KIM KIBUM. And that was why I hated him before at the first place… I thought he’s not using SUPER JUNIOR’s name because he never wanted to become a member anymore, but it was proven otherwise.

      There, I think I made my point. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m just clearing things up. I may not be one of them but I think I know what to believe or not.

    • yaee you right but we all know when kibum leave the super junior .than super junior is NOT 13 member of supe junior or when he present to video he dosen,t singing why??? i think he kicked out 😦

  3. Sometimes, group dynamics is not something that we can speak for unless we are in it. I feel that he has the right to pursue what he wants and I am willing to give him as much time as he needs as long he still remains an official member of suju.

  4. Kibun wouldnt leave hes part of Suju and always will be and its not “12” its “13” because even though HankYung left hes still part of SuJu’s heart its 13 not 12 “13elieve” so its always 13 no matter what because Kibum would never think about leaving SuJu!

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