Eunhyuk Cyworld Entry – January 15

2010.01.15 01:44
Title : =

There is a high wall blocking our relationship

No matter what (I) shout that girl…the wall….(they) wont say anything

In order to meet that girl…

I will think of the way to jump higher than the wall

source : 이혁재 미니홈피
translated by
may take out with full credits


Woo! You don’t have to jump over the walls… I’ll just break it for you (I wish I have Nuriko/Tamahome power) so that I can break that wall in just one punch! Haha! LOL

Anyways… I’m glad that he had seen/met the girl of his dreams~! Gah… I’m so happy for them, but kinda pitied them because there is a great wall (as Eunhyuk said) that blocks their relationship. That girl is so lucky to have Eunhyuk! We are always here for you!

P.S. The wall looks scary… and I think I already see that wall O_O


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