(MOD POST) On Hiatus

I decided to go on a total hiatus as early as February 10 – (Because I have to greet someone a happy birthday on the 9th) Feeling? Hehe ^^

Hello everyone!

This is immortalsoul 123 , the blog’s admin and author.

I would like to inform you that I’ll be on semi-hiatus starting tomorrow on February 10 until the end of my term and summer class. I’ll not be posting news, updates and stuff about SuJu and myself, but in moderation. I’ll be mostly posting on Mondays and Tuesdays, depending on my schedule.

On the 3rd week of February 2nd week of March, I’ll be on total hiatus, meaning, I’ll not be posting news, vids, and some random stuff about me and Super Junior. It will last until the school year is over. I’ll still go online to search for updates though, or for school purposes only. I’ll still be open to questions, comments and suggestions, and try to answer them as often and soon as I can. Therefore, please still visit this site.

Why? Well, I have to study and get high grades. It’s my goal to become a Dean’s Lister this time (LOL at my goal. I want to become better too, though grades don’t tell me who I am). That’s my birthday gift to myself (I hope I can celebrate my birthday this time without exams to worry about, but that’s impossible, haha).

So why am I saying this? No reason all. I just want to make this long and I’ll miss you (WTH? I sound like leaving permanently). Wow, you wish.

Last. Always be happy. Love all of you. See you again 😛

Just to make me feel that I’m so important…. Haist. I hate myself.


3 thoughts on “(MOD POST) On Hiatus

  1. Thanks for the updates ^^ good luck and all the best! fighting!!! hope you are able to achieve your goal! I am a student too so ya I totally understand a busy student schedule^^

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