Super Junior Miracle Updates: Kangin, T-ara

Park Kyunglim: “If Kangin Weren’t a Singer, He Could Become a Swindler”

Great MC Park Kyunglim has said to Kangin, her close hoobae and favorite dongsaeng that if he werent a singer, he would become a swindler.

On the show KBS Drama Human network “Super Junior’s miracle” with the guests are Tiara, Kangin had done a magic of moving the flowers in front of everybody to choose a member from Tiara to make a couple with him. Kangin with his magic performance had moved a flower and made it come out from Tiara’s magnae Jiyeon’s bag but in fact, Kangin had put a flower in her bag beforehand.

After the magic perfomance, Kangin had waited for her hot reaction but everybody just gave him banter. They confessed that they had told Jiyeon Kangin’s secret before, thus making Kangin loose confidence and make people in the filming scene laughing. MC Park Kyunglim said “If Kangin werent a singer, he could become a swindler”

Also, when Jiyeon expressed her problem “Although I’m team’s magnae but I dont look like one”, Kangin said “It’s OK because it’s only you who have charm, so would you like to meet (see/date) me ?” thus expressing his bold proposal to Jiyeon.

The show will be aired at 8.00PM on September 12th.

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T-ara on Super Junior Miracle

Group Tiara have had a surprising meeting with Super Junior when the two appeared on the show KBS Drama channel Human network “Super Junior’s miracle”

The two idol groups on the processing of helping teenagers with poor background find their mentor and send hope msg to them had had an “istant meeting”.

They gave the other party propose and after done with choosing couple, Super Junior’s members had answered all Tiara’s members’ question and also give them advice.

Tiara’s leader Eunjung said “I want to gain weight because I want to look cute and chubby” which Shindong said “It’s very easy, I myself eat a lot before, just eat as soon as you wake up” thus making everybody laughing with his advice.

The “Super Junior’s miracle” epsidoe with Tiara will be aired at 8.00PM on September 12th.

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