Super Junior Ideal Woman

I know it is already late, but… info again, guys (not sure if true…hehe)

<October 2007 (too old..hehe)>


– A girl who wears dresses/skirts because it shows her pretty
– Always ties her hair to show her neck

Ryeo Wook

– Can
sing good
– Someone kind of like Bada/Sea

Sung Min

– Shorter
then him
– Full of cuteness
– Kind
– Pretty


Long, straight hair
– Smart
– Rich


– Has pretty
– Someone who gives him that feelings when he sees


– Fits belly shirts well
– Has wavy




Shin Dong

– Short
– Cute

Ye Sung

Someone like Moon Geun Young

Han Kyung

– A quiet girl

– Treats her parents well
– Someone like Song Hye

Lee Teuk

-Height is 163 cm.
– When she laughs, her eyes
turn into a half-moon shape
– Skinny
– Cute
– Someone who listens to
what he says
– Wise
– Understanding
– Innocent/pure
– Lively

Someone who will like only him

Eun Hyuk

– Cute
– Soft
– Someone sweet like cotton candy

Clear-clean eyes
– White/pale hands
– Someone who he can actually wrap his
arms around

credits: The Super Junior!! Group (imeem)

<UPDATED – BUT NOT THE LATEST (not sure of the date)>

According to my source, it was when they( Super Junior, except Kibum) were interviewed in Japan (fanmeeting). I did not know about that. Good if you read this. Better yet, if you watch the interview.

I don’t have the link to the video, but hope it helps!

Kibum’s ideal woman was not described (as usual, he was not there…during the interview)

Leeteuk: Long Hair +pure heart

Heechul:pure and looks good in checkered skirts

Hangen: beautiful heart and legs

Sungmin: kind and short

Shiwon: must be christian, good to parents, and family oriented (in the interview, after shiwon said this, kangin says “this is someone youre dating not marrying…eheehhe~ )

Donghae: Someone who can make seaweed soup for me

Shindong: short AND a drummer

Kangin: good at singing and has beautiful toes

Kyuhyun: someone who will look at him only and have long legs

Ryeowook: someone who looks like him and looks good in jeans

Yesung: eyes that sparkle and obey her curfew *laughs* + warm heart

Eunhyuk: pure girl

credits to: stalker93

I’m no one in SuJu’s  ideal girl. AHAHA. Besides, I don’t have to be one… I’m unique in my ways… I still love them(fangirling)!


4 thoughts on “Super Junior Ideal Woman

  1. Yesung’s ‘obeys curfew’. Haha. I always reach home earlier than what my mum expect and she’ll ask me. ‘So early?’ Haha

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